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Banana Republic ruffle trench and wrap dresses for under $100

I love this look on Duchess Kate. I don’t care if it is a couple of years old that Burberry trench with the ruffle and black tights is the best.

A new trench for fall is an item that is on my short list of acquisitions. They are perfect for Atlanta weather since we don’t have to use heavy coats for most of the winter. And a trench is great over the ever present wrap dress in my daily work life.

The trench below is a copy cat from Banana Republic. I posted the link to it on twitter yesterday when I saw it for the first time but felt it needed a second post in my own little, shopping world. The price seems reasonable compared to a lot of price points for outerwear I’ve seen recently. Then I added a couple of wrap dresses that are great now and later with tights. All the dresses are under $100 which is much better than DVF.

Kenneth Jay Lane – cuffs on sale

Well, this morning the online world lost its mine over the Lilly Pulitzer sale.

I’m not a fan of that drama. As we know, there is always eBay.

Anyway I was looking around at cuffs from Kenneth Jay Lane and found quite a few on sale.

I really like the brand because it is quality costume jewelry and most of it is considered classic. Unlike so much of the cheap junk being sold these days.

Personally, I’m a big fan of a cuff. They don’t clang around and make noise like a “stack” does. And I just think they tend to be a little bit more elegant.

Bored with Summer want my pink and black

I was going to post about my long, flat, Cher-like hair and my need for a giant bouffant and curls going to fall but I thought better of it. Save that groundbreaking, deep thought stuff for later.

I’m just really bored with summer and my wardrobe. There has been so much rain here it seems like it hasn’t even been summer. But at the same time it doesn’t really matter to me. It’s not like I’m in the sun that often.

Really wish I was more of favorite color combo black and pink today. Rather than the to big white dress, jean jacket and nude heels I’m wearing. Very woof.

Been clicking around looking at my favorite color combo and more fall options. They would all look lovely with some big hair. I need to get on that once and for all.

Milly – jackets and dresses for year around

I’m a big fan of dressing for year around weather. In Atlanta except for when its very, very hot I think most dresses I buy work year around. My goal is “just add tights and jacket.” This doesn’t always happen but for so much of the year you really can get away with it.

Milly usually has some options to fit the bill. I like some of their little jackets they have brought out for fall. The jackets are a bit pricey but if you divide out the number of wears between wearing it over dresses or with jeans on the weekend it should workout to be and ROI piece rather than a loss and in the consignment pile.

I know I posted about coats the other day but I really believe in the lighter weight coats and jackets for this region. If you don’t have to bundle up like up North why not have really awesome pieces to top off all your basics? Lasts longer than some junk jewelry.

Anyway, I like that Milly has a little bit of an edge this time around. The line had grown a bit stale and it looks like Michelle is trying to dust the cobwebs off it.

Diane Von Furstenberg – Fall Picks

My favorite designer and female inspiration is Diane Von Furstenberg. I know you know that, but I still get giddy like a kid in a candy store when the items I looked at on the runway six months ago are now available to purchase. Let’s be real. I generally wait for a sale or ebay, but its fun to share my picks nonetheless.

Personally, animal print will always be it for me. It is my favorite thing ever. Lucky for us DVF did a ton of it right down to iphone cases. I love a statement coat over a solid color dress. It is just so chic and fun. Plus, I tend to wear statement coats with jeans and heels or my regular dresses so its never something that hangs unused waiting for a special occasion. Every day turns into a special occasion with a fun coat.

So yay! for FALL! Yay! for animal print! Yay! for dressing up!

Pineapples for the home.

I’m in love with pineapples. I think its rather common to love pineapples. My mother and grandmother love them. It seems like half the people I know love pineapples and the thought of how they symbolize hospitality. My first memory of the pineapple was visiting The Hermitage on a school trip and the docents explaining the symbolism and saying that Rachel, President Jackson’s wife, loved them. From then on it was a done deal for me.

I was looking around at the latest incarnation of the pineapple and per usual I love everything. Below are pieces to use every day that I thought were reasonably priced and useful for most people. Personally, I love the drink dispenser the best. Makes me want a rum punch right now.

What does it mean to be a mother?

Honestly, society says one thing. The Bible says one thing. It means something to each individual. It changes lives. I think sometimes as I watch people who are mothers and sometimes think it is the ultimate in mean girl, obnoxious, clique-y experiences a female can go through. What it means to be a mother has changed in the age of the Internet/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

My birthday is looming and I’ve been thinking about these ladies and the next part of my life a lot. To me, being a mother is being a good example and “teaching life.” I don’t really know how else to say it. I’m so thankful for my mother and so sorry I didn’t follow her example more. Things might have been easier for me. I might not have made so many mistakes. In the last year, people say I look more like my mom and am much more calm like her. All I have to say to that is THANK GOD. She’s not perfect, but she sure got life right.

I’m not a mother and struggle with the knowledge that I probably never will be a mother in the traditional sense. However, I still have a responsibility to children who are in my life to be a good female role model. I have a responsibility as a Junior League member to give my time and effort to women’s and children’s causes. I have a responsibility to carry on in some degree the good example set by my mother and her mother before her. I’m guilty of failing at this and disappointing them many times.

For me, I think you have to find your place in whatever hand is dealt you. Even if you aren’t a mother in the traditional sense as a female you cans still use those characteristics and instincts to still make a difference. I’m everyone’s favorite “aunt” and am becoming more comfortable with this role. Maybe this is all coming about because I’m getting older and time is ticking by. Maybe it’s because I’ve made peace with certain things about the past. It’s probably because my mother set the example of move forward and don’t compare yourself to others. And I guess, I finally learned that lesson and listened to my mother. :)

Lean In – Diane Von Furstenberg and Rachel Zoe


I totally love Rachel Zoe and Diane Von Furstenberg. I live in Diane’s dresses and have similar taste to Rachel. I’m finally starting my own thing and almost done with graduate school. Hopefully, I can do it all as chic and wisely as these ladies.

Making coffee

So the other day I made a pot of coffee. I don’t think I’ve made a pot of coffee in my adult life. I can make an impressive leg of lamb but coffee wasn’t on the menu. It wasn’t what I “did”. It wasn’t my “job”. I don’t know why. It was a bad habit. It was what my boyfriend now ex-husband did. It was his job. It quit being his job 4 years ago. Time flew by but I still wasn’t making coffee. What was I holding on too but another habit or comfort zone issue? I loathe comfort zone issues. Now I’m making coffee.

I’ve been playing this game lately of how frugal can I be. It’s not that I necessarily have too. I want too. I want to see if how little I can spend on food even though I eat mostly beans and vegetables. I want to see what really matters. Starbucks has been something I’ve held onto for years. It was my special thing that made me feel comfortable. If a girl doesn’t instagram her venti, non-fat, no whip mocha did it really happen?

I would never skimp on my skin care but I hate getting hair cuts. Such a waste. I love fashion and designers but I want it at a massive, eBay discount now. I would never buy cheap champagne, but Lord help anyone who takes away my PBR. I don’t know, lately, I’m just over so many things. I’m not interested in much but my career and my relationship. I’m not interested in the comparisons that I let make me feel bad in the past. I’m going to have to get a new car soon. That’s a study in how can I be comfortable but cheap at the same time? I want a BMW, I will probably get another Toyota but upgrade slightly.

I was reading my horoscope and Susan was right. My life is completely different than it was two years ago let alone four years. I made the changes. I woke up this week and just realized the coffee and the past are done. Finally.

I like who I am now. I’m really happy to say it.

RIP Margaret Thatcher

To the lady who made all the young girls believe we could do anything.