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What does it mean to be a mother?

Honestly, society says one thing. The Bible says one thing. It means something to each individual. It changes lives. I think sometimes as I watch people who are mothers and sometimes think it is the ultimate in mean girl, obnoxious, clique-y experiences a female can go through. What it means to be a mother has changed in the age of the Internet/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

My birthday is looming and I’ve been thinking about these ladies and the next part of my life a lot. To me, being a mother is being a good example and “teaching life.” I don’t really know how else to say it. I’m so thankful for my mother and so sorry I didn’t follow her example more. Things might have been easier for me. I might not have made so many mistakes. In the last year, people say I look more like my mom and am much more calm like her. All I have to say to that is THANK GOD. She’s not perfect, but she sure got life right.

I’m not a mother and struggle with the knowledge that I probably never will be a mother in the traditional sense. However, I still have a responsibility to children who are in my life to be a good female role model. I have a responsibility as a Junior League member to give my time and effort to women’s and children’s causes. I have a responsibility to carry on in some degree the good example set by my mother and her mother before her. I’m guilty of failing at this and disappointing them many times.

For me, I think you have to find your place in whatever hand is dealt you. Even if you aren’t a mother in the traditional sense as a female you cans still use those characteristics and instincts to still make a difference. I’m everyone’s favorite “aunt” and am becoming more comfortable with this role. Maybe this is all coming about because I’m getting older and time is ticking by. Maybe it’s because I’ve made peace with certain things about the past. It’s probably because my mother set the example of move forward and don’t compare yourself to others. And I guess, I finally learned that lesson and listened to my mother. :)

RIP Margaret Thatcher

To the lady who made all the young girls believe we could do anything.


Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs – Estee Lauder and Aerin Lauder

My interests lie in fashion (because its fun), brands, customer loyalty, business development. This is probably no surprise to you if you follow me on twitter or have read this blog through the years. My MBA concentration is in marketing and I work in business development now. Lately, my thoughts lie in entrepreneurship and specifically, female entrepreneurship. I’m trying to get my own little, side project off the ground and I look to successful, stylish females for a inspiration.

Two of my favorite inspiring female entrepreneurs are Estee Lauder and her granddaughter Aerin. I’ve followed Aerin and her story with the family business for years. Her new product line Aerin is lovely and beautifully packaged. The story of Estee and how her company changed people’s lives is something you don’t here about every day. Who wouldn’t like knowing that she has made thousands people beautiful and feel good about themselves? Estee was a catalyst for change in skin care industry. For me, that is important, wanting to help others while making money. In my little endeavor, I want to provide a product or content that may be fluffy, but is beneficial at the same time. It might not be on an Estee level, but a girl can dream.