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Kenneth Jay Lane – cuffs on sale

Well, this morning the online world lost its mine over the Lilly Pulitzer sale.

I’m not a fan of that drama. As we know, there is always eBay.

Anyway I was looking around at cuffs from Kenneth Jay Lane and found quite a few on sale.

I really like the brand because it is quality costume jewelry and most of it is considered classic. Unlike so much of the cheap junk being sold these days.

Personally, I’m a big fan of a cuff. They don’t clang around and make noise like a “stack” does. And I just think they tend to be a little bit more elegant.

Three Things I’m Using Right Now

I found another low-cal soup that you have to try. This the Latin Style Black Bean from Trader Joes. It’s spicy and really tasty. I think its probably my favorite black bean soup out there.

So spicy. I bet it would be good with some chopped tomatoes.

A newsstand copy of Vanity Fair. I don’t begin to read the amount of magazines I used too. Even Vogue is dead to me except online. But I love Vanity Fair and Town & Country in paper form. It doesn’t hurt that beautiful people (aka my third ex-husband) are on the cover.

Can’t wait to see SkyFall this weekend.

My whole life I’ve had access to canned green beans via my grandmother. But now that my mom has her farm in North Carolina she’s my new “green bean dealer.” Trust, these people are stingy with their quarts of green beans. I’ve broke many a bean in my life but I’ve never actually gone through the arduous canning processes. The ladies in my family have been know to put away as many as 100 quarts of various produce at a time. Woof!

And to tell you how stingy they are and how much they know I covet my beloved beans, it has happened that in my pile at Christmas there are quarts of beans beside my Kiehl’s products. Yeah, it’s like that.

Mama Style

It’s gotten cold here in Atlanta so I’m definitely enjoying my hot soups and looking at Daniel Craig right now.

Blogger Link Up – Monday Questions

I’m doing the link up with Shasta and Megan again. Hey, at least I get a post in and its not about school, counting calories or my job search. All of which I’m consumed with to the point of exhaustion.

So here we go.

1. favorite place you’ve traveled

I’ve travelled quite a bit, but no where amazing like Thailand. I really loved San Francisco in a “I would never want to live here” kind of way. Liked Toronto. New York is great. I used to go to Palm Beach and Naples a lot and that was fun. I think my favorite place on earth is Savannah. I would live in Savannah if I could. It’s just one of those places I that if I had to stay forever it would be totally ok.

2. where would you want to go if you could have a paid ticket and hotel

Paris. Period. The end.

3. if you have a trip planned, where are you going?

Asheville x 2, Nashville and probably Destin soon. And maybe back to Alabama.

All South all the time.

4.Were you an honor roll student in school?

Sometimes, sometimes not. It depended how bored I was that semester. I was one of those kids that got called into the principal’s office wanting to know why I had 3 A’s, a C and an F. My response was generally I hate the class and the teacher. And I swear I will do better which was just me skating by on a C.

5. what was your major in college

I double majored in marketing and management.

6. Ever go to camp?

Tennis camp. Day camp. No outdoor camp with crafts and lakes and animals. All things I hated as a child and continue to have no interest in to this day. Like I say about running, I prefer a treadmill because of climate control and no sun. MUST PROTECT MY SKIN FROM THE EVIL SUN.

7. favorite tv show of all time

The Wire. Best show ever made. But for girly type shows I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in the day.

8. What was the last thing you ever got grounded for?

I only got grounded once and it was for something I didn’t do. My dad sometimes road in on a broom and would fly off the handle about something stupid. I was grounded for a month. It was so dumb. I was perfect in high school because my parents kept a tight leash on me. It was college when everything went down hill.

9. What was your childhood nickname?

Didn’t have one from my parents. But to tell you how kids can be mean a group of boys starting calling me Lesby in third grade and I had no idea what it meant. They called me that till I switched schools. To this day it stings a bit.

10. what would your dream job be?

I’m trying to switch to my dream job now. It’s the thing I wanted to do in undergrad and has never gone away. I want to be a consultant. Either in tech for healthcare or retail. I like brand consulting as well. It’s never just one thing with me. I want to work for Accenture, Deloitte, McKinsey, etc. You get the idea.

The only other thing that would be I could die now would be to work styling or PR for a major fashion house a la @OscarPRGirl. I would die. But I prefer the puzzles of consulting.

Dealing with STUFF

Last year when I moved back from Macon I tweeted about all the stuff I was getting rid of and how I could probably just get rid of everything except my clothes, my laptop and add an ipad. Now, 11 months later, I’m moving again and that is all I’m taking. The ipad has been added because I have one for school. Technically, I’m not going far. I’m going to temporarily live with a friend. She wins because I can help her with all her house projects and I win because I don’t have to get a new lease till the end of the semester. And I have some job interviews upcoming that would take me to other parts of the metro area if I got any of them. Signing a lease was just not something I wanted to do right now.

The last bit of stuff I have is going into storage. I had wanted to sell the bedroom furniture but got talked out of it. I got rid of most of my books except the important ones and then I have a few keepsakes and some expensive kitchen items. I have very little in the form of stuff anymore. I was talking to one of my internet friends last night via twitter DM about stuff and being satisfied with what you have. I used to have a lot of stuff. I had clothes, books, kitchen items, dvds, etc. coming out of ears. I was attached to so much of it. I had furniture and anything I could possibly want. I wouldn’t get rid of anything because I would say, “No, I might need it.” And that day never came. Over the last few years I have slowly weaned myself off of stuff. I sold it or donated it. I wanted to see what I actually used and even more so what I actually LIKED. A lot of it I didn’t even like.

Stuff is fun. Stuff is pretty. Stuff makes you feel good. I had a shopping addiction when I was married. My sister put it best when she said I wasn’t getting what I needed at home so I went shopping to feel better. Now I still love my YSL bags and a good pair of J Brand jeans. The change that I was looking for and did occur was finally coming to terms with not needing the stuff to make me happy. Shopping and stuff was another major addiction for me to overcome. And to be honest, it has been the hardest one to deal with.

I’m good at selling stuff to other people. I know how to get in your brain and make you justify it. As a society we crave stuff. It makes us feel like we belong. I write papers in grad school about how to get customers to buy more stuff. Ugh, ALWAYS IN MY FACE. For me to no longer rely on it and to have a different comfort zone of about stuff and what I find acceptable it is a weird place to be in and it creeps people out.

Stuff is a choice. Do you want to look like everyone else and wear TB shoes and carry an LV Neverfull? Or do you want to wear a mix of designers and off brands that don’t make you look like a Stepford Wife? I will say its been fun to redo my clothes since I lost weight. I’ve gotten to change everything and be different on the outside as well as the inside. But its been in moderation. I have wondered if I would ever go back to buying a lot of stuff like before. Before I made 6 figures, now I don’t. That day will come again. But I don’t think the stuff will. I hope not at least. I think and feel the stuff is just a constant battle like anything else. Choosing to eat healthy, choosing to not be a drug addict, choosing to not be an alcoholic. I choose to be free of all of it.

*as always these are my opinions, thoughts, feelings and experiences. i’m not perfect and fall off the wagon sometimes. i reserve the right to change again.*

Grad School Update and Other Goals, Thoughts

I got the email earlier today that my loans for grad school have gone thru. No one likes to take on loans but these are a necessary evil. Getting my MBA has been a 10 year dream of mine and it is finally happening. Lots of work and studying, but it going to be totally worth it.

I am in a prep class this week to prepare for the first accounting class. I took accounting in undergrad but have a lot of anxiety about it and this is already helping. Hopefully.

Also, I have anxiety about grades because in undergrad I did as little as possible to graduate. I don’t have a clear memory of undergrad anyway but this time my goal is to come out at the top. In undergrad I did not buy the books half the time and still passed so who knows what I could have done if I actually made an effort. My mom still rants about this fact.

Anyway, my next main goal is to finish my weight loss. My mom saw me the other day and thought I did not need to loose any more weight. This is ridiculous. I have not reached a size 4 yet and still have some items in my closet that I have hung on to thru the years that I still can’t comfortably wear. So I will continue on the WW train and make this happen.

Next, I am waiting to hear back about some fun employment. Something part time that is fun, where I don’t have to be on call for the first time in my adult life and where I can just focus on school. Hopefully, I don’t have to start looking for full time till the beginning of next year.

I have a new idea about a large company I might want to work for. A company that I have not thought of before but I love their product and their US headquarters is in Atlanta. My boyfriend and mother both thought this idea was rather ingenious so we will see. I am going to have my meeting with the career counselors before I start pursuing any job including this possibility. I don’t want to make another mistake.

Going to my gym tonight for the first time before I got sick. Scary. I have lost so much strength in the past month. Woof! is an understatement. But spinning here I come.

It’s so effing hot I could die. I hate the sun.

Finally, a fashion quandry. I was going to get the green DVF Maja dress when it first came out. I love(d) it. But then Duchess Catherine has worn it twice. Even though I love it I feel like I can’t get it because it is so recognizable now. And no matter how much I love following Duchess Catherine I am really uninterested for people to think I am copying her. Total white girl problem but still its an issue! :)

I am looking forward to my friend’s baby’s first birthday party. One, because I love her and her baby. Two, because it will be at her mom’s house which is so fabulously decorated I could DIE (again). So delicious.

Anyway, that’s my latest stream of consciousness.

What I Have Been Up To Since I Moved

Mostly just working. I have a massive territory so I am gone by 7 am almost every day and don’t get back till between 6 and 7 at night. Every day. That in and of itself is a change. But I love talking to people and that makes up for it.

I am just going to list out this random stuff that has occurred because some of it is kind of funny.

1. Helped move a casket with a murder victim in it. He was killed “Elin Woods-style” with a 9 iron to the head.

2. I was asked out to lunch the first time I attended my new church.

3. I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity.

4. Subsequently, was asked “Can I walk you to your car?” when leaving said volunteer project.

5. My apartment still looks like a bomb went off in it. I literally don’t feel like dealing with it yet. And I am a neat freak so this is unexplainable.

6. I went out for Cinco de Mayo. Got in all kinds of trouble. I have the skinned knees to prove it.

7. Drank Pabst out of a styrofoam cup while watching a tennis tournament at the country club.

8. Realized how glad I am to have moved from Atlanta.

9. It is nice to feel appreciated and that people like me. Unlike Atlanta, where let’s just say it was the complete opposite and I just felt used.

10. I was in a prep room with a dead body being worked on.

11. I have 3 books I am reading right now. Need to finish all of them.

12. I have 10 lbs to go to my goal weight.

13. The life stories I have heard in this short time are amazing and profound and I appreciate the fact that people are willing to tell them to me.

14. Met some great ladies at the year end meeting for Junior League of Macon.

15. Every day I thank God for a second chance and a different outlook on life.

I have started a couple of posts but I haven’t finished them because I am afraid people might find them pretentious or preachy. But I am working on that. It is just stuff myself or others have experienced and the thoughts I have about them. So, I will keep working on them and when I do post them please let me know what you think.

Conversations: Email snippets from today

ME: I feel like we are all starting to become a movie or at least chick lit.

All the drama and just trying to keep lives together. I want Meghan Fox to play me. Just cover up the tattoos.

S: Ha!! I hear ya!

Who could play me?? Drew Barrymore?? Maybe Reece if we tacked on 15 to 20 lbs?? Who would play C?!

ME: Kiera Knightley or Natalie Portman.

Definitely, Reece.

And then add Gin and Tonics.

Stir in 20 years of drama, 15 years of guys and you get a Southern, Stereotypical, (possibly starring Ashley Judd) movie.

Wow, turning 30 has brought out the best in the 3 of us. :)

Conversations with E3 – JLA

E3 – “Aren’t you leading a group of little ones this year?” (He means provisionals.)

Me – “Yes”

E3 – “Are you having the first meeting at your mom’s like you mentioned?”

Me – “No, I found out I could reserve a room at headquarters. So I did that instead.” (Our condo is very small.)

E3 – “Is headquarters like the Batcave?”

Me – “No, it is not like the Batcave. But it is pink and green.”

E3 – “OMG! IT”S PINK AND GREEN!!!!!!!!”

Me- “Kidding. Seriously.”

From BBC – Banksy’s Identity. Maybe.

Paper ‘reveals Banksy’s identity’
Mysterious graffiti artist Banksy is a 34-year-old former public school pupil called Robin Gunningham, The Mail On Sunday has claimed.

The paper says it has identified the “guerrilla artist” from a photograph taken four years ago in Jamaica, which shows a man kneeling by a spray can.

But a spokeswoman for Banksy refused to comment on the report. “We get these calls all the time,” she told the BBC.

“I’ll say what I always say: I never confirm or deny these stories”.

Banksy’s stencilled artwork appears unannounced in public spaces around the world.

In January a piece of his graffiti in Portobello Road, west London – which shows a painter finishing off the word “Banksy” – attracted a bid of £208,100 in an online auction.

But the artist is also renowned for his audacious stunts – such as leaving a life-size replica of a Guantanamo Bay detainee at Disneyland in 2006.

His fiercely-guarded identity only adds to his subversive appeal – and members of the Hollywood elite including Christina Aguilera and Angelina Jolie have snapped up his paintings.

‘Extremely talented’

The only solid biographical fact about the artist is that he was born and raised in Bristol.
It has often been rumoured that his real name is Robin Banks and that his parents think he is a painter and decorator – but no-one close to Banksy has ever verified these stories.

Now, the Mail on Sunday claims to have uncovered his true identity.

The newspaper says it traced the artist using a photograph purporting to show Banksy at work in Jamaica in 2004. Former friends and acquaintances identify the man in the picture as Robin Gunningham.

Scott Nurse, who went to the £9,420-a-year Bristol Cathedral School with Gunningham, tells the paper he was “extremely talented at art”.

“I am not at all surprised if he is Banksy,” he is quoted as saying.

Luke Egan, an artist who later exhibited with Banksy initially denied knowing Gunningham, but eventually agreed he had shared a flat with him.

Asked by the paper whether Gunningham was Banksy, he replied: “Well, he wasn’t then”. Gunningham’s father Peter said he did not recognise the person in the photograph, while his mother Pamela maintained she had never even had a son.

‘Crushing disappointment’

The picture the Mail claims is of Banksy was taken by Jamaican photographer Peter Dean Rickards.

It first appeared on the internet and then in the Mail’s sister publication, The Evening Standard, in 2004.

Banksy’s agent Steve Lazarides told The New Yorker that Rickards’ picture did not depict his client – although Colin Saysell, an anti-graffiti officer in Bristol who has followed Banksy for years, concluded the photo was legitimate.
Two years later, Banksy insisted the public should never discover who he is.

“I have no interest in ever coming out,” he told Swindle magazine.

“I’m just trying to make the pictures look good; I’m not into trying to make myself look good.

“And besides, it’s a pretty safe bet that the reality of me would be a crushing disappointment to a couple of 15-year-old kids out there.”

Story from BBC NEWS:


Published: 2008/07/13 12:32:28 GMT


I am reading this.


And I would rather be reading this.