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Archive for the ‘roadtrippin’ Category

Roadtrippin’ – Wedding in Charleston and my personal travel quirks

This past weekend was hectic. I had to be at meeting for JLA at 8:30 on Saturday morning. From there I drove to Lexington, SC to meet up for about an hour with Erin. I knew I was cutting it close, but per usual, I wanted to do what I wanted to do. This feeling leads to cutting it close between meetings and events. I cut it really close this time.

I got into Charleston with what I thought was time to spare. Time check was 3:35 and I just needed a parking spot. The invitation didn’t say there was parking at the church. So when I drove by I couldn’t see the parking that is in the middle of the First Baptist Church complex on Meeting St. Okay, I’ll just find something on the street. Foiled again. Signs everywhere for Residential Permit parking only. I’m sure there was something somewhere, but I wasn’t taking the chance of getting booted or towed in Charleston.

I had pulled over on a side street and changed into my Kate Spade dress and Jimmy Choo’s. But I couldn’t get the dress zipped up in the car by myself. Therefore, I was standing outside of someone’s house desperately trying to get my dress zipped. I was in such a hurry I did something to my neck THAT REALLY HURT!

I had seen a sign for public parking a few blocks back but it took a bit with one way streets to find that deck again. Now it’s 3:55. There I go, running down meeting street, huffing and puffing, trying not to sweat looking at churches counting down the denominations. Presbyterian, Methodist, there we go, Baptist. My hippie hair was flying. The music was playing when I arrived. Crap. I got reprimanded by the wedding coordinator. “You go sit over there.” The horror. Banishment to a corner.

To sum this up, the wedding was beautiful. I didn’t take pictures. Saw some people from my past. Defended the bride’s honor. Drank champagne. The end.

Back to my driving and travel quirks. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling for work and just in general. I have my ways and honestly, I don’t like traveling in the car with other people. I only like to fly with other people and even then I get frustrated because people just don’t know how to MOVE and deal with other travelers.

First, I prefer classic rock radio stations. I like to listen to Led Zeppelin, Ac/DC, Guns N’Roses, with a side of Jessie J or INXS. It’s what I like. Other people don’t. I find most other music incredibly annoying. I drove to Sea Island once with my sister. She played hard core rap the entire time. That trip had issues.

Second, I pay attention to how other people are driving. To explain more, I drive like I’m in a video game and am always planning my next move. My speed is generally 75-80 on the interstate. This is not slow and is a good speed for the middle lane. However, when someone comes up behind me and then wants to pass on the RIGHT SIDE this really bothers me. I’m not the one who needs to move into the slow lane. They can pass me on the LEFT and be the one to get the ticket. I’m very careful about my super speeder status and ticket possibilities.

Third, if I stop to get food I like to eat in the car while sitting in the parking lot of the restaurant. I have this weird thing about eating anything from a fast food restaurant in a fast food restaurant. I also, don’t particularly like to eat while driving. This really doesn’t make any sense. But I will drive through the drive thru then park and eat in my car. In privacy, in quiet, away from the masses. I even feel this way about Starbucks. No eating inside.

Fourth, I always pack to much. No matter what. I don’t care. If I don’t I always need another option. Therefore, two weeks of clothes it is.

Fifth, snacks. Apples, Larabars, and raw almonds. Always. Otherwise, huge food regrets will happen. And no one wants food regrets.

These little things probably don’t sound like a big deal, but I tend lose patience easily with traveling. On a road trip or in an airport I just get frustrated and have to remember NAMASTE this to shall pass. Try to enjoy your time. Don’t let your blood pressure get high. And always remember, the more you frown the more you pay for Botox.