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Archive for the ‘reality tv’ Category

Sometimes You See Someone on the D-List

Today I went to work and ultimately left due to not having all the info I needed to complete my latest little project. I decided to go look at over-priced things at the mall and think about what I might buy in a couple of months. I headed on over to Phipps and trolled around Barney’s Co-op and Saks. At Barney’s I learned that even though I am told that I have great legs J-Brand skinny jeans are NEVER going to happen. EVER. Seems as though I have larger calves than the designers at J.Brand deemed necessary to fit into the skinny jeans. This is disconcerting.

But I digress. Headed on over to one of my favorite stores Intermix. They did not really have anything interesting, but GUESS WHO I SAW?!?!?!?!

Sheree from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I think she even had one of her minions with her. Anyway, I had to quickly leave the store due to starting to giggle for no apparent reason. And to send texts to everyone I know.

Bravo Calling. You Could Be on TV.

I would die to be on Bravo with my long, lost BFF Rachel Zoe. Or my gay boyfriend, Jeff Lewis. But, alas, that is not meant to be.

But you could be on Bravo! Here is your chance below.


I am an associate producer working for the casting director at Bravo. I am researching a project they are developing on a documentary series about a wealthy, extended family living in the same town.

If anyone has any ideas or families to suggest please contact me at: