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Working out – back to the mileage goals

Everyone has their preferred exercise routine. Mine revolves around cardio and Pure Barre. About a month a go I decided I was going to change it up and do the Insanity videos because it was hard for me to get to Pure Barre classes with my schedule. I’ll be honest, that never happened. Instead I took a straight up break from working out and substituted it with mostly fun and going out. Those actions aren’t something I advise with the holidays coming up. Luckily, I don’t eat that bad and count calories so reversing the damage is reversing booze bloat for the most part. There is a meds/possible gluten issue with the bloat problem too but that’s boring and for another day.

I could definitely tell last week it was time to get it together and get back on the treadmill and back to class. One, for my brain and two, for my ass. Sunday I started running again and can already tell a difference. Let’s be real, it takes a lot stay in any kind of goal territory when it comes to weight and the way you look. The world and life are always throwing food and cocktails in your face and sometimes we all give in. I’m at an age where I have to make my weight and fitness goals a priority or things can get quickly out of control.

There is a famous quote that says “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” A lot of people get all up in arms about the quote and try to make it out as a negative/anna type thing. How about this instead?

“Nothing feels as good as looking healthy and fit in your over priced (but loved) Lululemon.”

Here are my two favorite pieces from Lululemon to run in and take Pure Barre classes in. And no the pants aren’t Wunderunders. And yes, I always buy the pieces in matching colors in real life. If you ever have questions about fit and sizing please let me know. Personally, I think the built in bra in the top is straight up God’s gift to me and my small boobs. Nothing moves. Ever. It’s awesome.

Lululemon favorites

Yoga top


Personal Styling – Mama Social

I’ve done personal shopping and styling for people on and off for people for at least 12 years. It a hobby more than anything. But it can be fun. My best customer is my Mom though. I do most of her shopping and putting together her outfits for events. She’s got good taste so its not exactly hard.

She contacted me on Monday that she wanted me to go out with her and add some basics for to her wardrobe this weekend. There is the age issue now. Not dressing to young but still looking stylish since most people think she is ten years young than she is and she still wears a 6-8 which we can give her golf claps for accomplishing.

I was thinking about some items that might be added to her closet. I know she needs some new sweaters and flats. She’s got colored denim taken care of from earlier this year and would like to focus on fun slightly dressier looks to go with jeans. Her life revolves around family events, her farm and not work in an office anymore. Mom is conservative with a fun side.

I’ve begun looking around at sweaters for her and the flats she requested.

Here is an outfit I know she will like and be comfortable. She tends to like sparkly nails and to be able to use her Chanel collection when she is back in Atlanta so I included options I know she owns like the bag and the jeans.

(No payment is received if you click on a link.)

Styling for Mom

LadyLike, Everyday

Disclaimer #1 the below post is a general what I like/live my life post. It doesn’t happen every day. Yesterday I wore Lululemon all day.

Disclaimer #2 the links below are provided by polyvore. To my knowledge there is no way for me to get compensated for the links. So shop away if you like something.

I post a lot of my everyday outfits on Twitter and usually get decent feedback. I also read a lot of personal style blogs that I don’t really find relatable. To many trends, relatable, not work appropriate or (sadly) age appropriate. Plus, I like my clothes to match.

My personal style tends towards heels and dresses. I realize that most people this is not how the average person dresses on a daily basis. But I’m a little bit more old school and probably belong in another decade. I like a ladylike and glam but not old lady. I like the hour glass shape and I really don’t mind showing it. And yes, I do think most people should make more of an effort but that’s just me.

However, some fashion people probably would think I’m boring since I really don’t wear trends.

So how do we translate this to everyday and comfort. And without spending an absolute fortune. I’m cheap but I would shop all the time if I could. Chalk that up to being a Gemini duality. I think you have to find the shapes and styles and budget that works for you. I don’t think a wardrobe has to constantly change, just updated. The styles you look good in aren’t going to change. Neither are the colors. None of this is stuff you haven’t heard before but do you actually practice responsible closet editing? Or are you all over the place with brands and looks and still have nothing to wear.

An Ideal Outfit in My World

Someone asked me a few months ago why I wear dresses all the time and look so dressed up. My response was because its easy. I don’t have to think. I don’t have to mix and match. I know the dress is going to look good whether dressy or casual. And its easy. Period.

Ladylike Black and Gold