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Banana Republic ruffle trench and wrap dresses for under $100

I love this look on Duchess Kate. I don’t care if it is a couple of years old that Burberry trench with the ruffle and black tights is the best.

A new trench for fall is an item that is on my short list of acquisitions. They are perfect for Atlanta weather since we don’t have to use heavy coats for most of the winter. And a trench is great over the ever present wrap dress in my daily work life.

The trench below is a copy cat from Banana Republic. I posted the link to it on twitter yesterday when I saw it for the first time but felt it needed a second post in my own little, shopping world. The price seems reasonable compared to a lot of price points for outerwear I’ve seen recently. Then I added a couple of wrap dresses that are great now and later with tights. All the dresses are under $100 which is much better than DVF.

Kate Spade & J.Crew – Pink, White and Black

I wore this outfit last week to the office and making calls. The pants, bow blouse and Karolina heels are all Kate Spade. The coat is J.Crew which I’ve blogged before. When it warms up even slightly I’m always inclined to wear pieces like the lightweight wool crop pants that show a touch of skin. Even if it is my ankles.

pink and black

white and black

Similar pants, blouse and shoes. The shoes in the link are beyond fabulous. Then of course a similar coat.

I just never seem to get enough black, white and pink. Or bows it seems.

Disco Fever: Favorites from the Fall 2013 Diane von Furstenberg Show

It’s no secret that out of all the mid-market brands Diane von Furstenberg is my absolute favorite.

I loved the whole show which you can see at DVF. So amazing.

The disco theme and the music used in the show were perfection but I’m partial to anything remotely Studio 54.

My two favorite looks out for the show were the following:

82@289@Diane von Furstenberg-RTW-FW13-1007

The print combined with the cut of the dress is lovely. I would do it with a nude shoe or black heels and tights. Maybe add a red coat to keep warm in winter. Nothing crazy with jewelry.

Then I loved this coat.

Thakoon, Accessories Collection, Fall Winter 2013, New York

It’s perfect to wear over anything monochromatic such a black skirt and sweater. It might even be fun with white jeans and a denim shirt. A statement coat is definitely one of my favorite things to add to an otherwise neutral wardrobe.

After I watched runway show all I did was want to dance and break out my disco music collection.

Now where is Whit Stilman when I need him?

*photos via google images*

Fashion, History, Lasting Style – Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

I’m a student of fashion and more importantly history, branding and people. It’s forever fascinating to me how it all influences each other and us. The scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestly goes after Andy for laughing about not seeing the difference between two belts then checks her for wearing such a “sad” sweater is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.

It was like I had a moment with Anna herself. I got it! I understood! I get the trickle down!

In a world of fast-fashion (I will spare you my soap box about that today), information overload and blogging I’ve been thinking about what really lasts? What actually gives ROI? A question I wish a lot of people would ask is “am I going to be embarrassed when I look back on this picture ten plus years from now?”

I think about branding and how it affects society because it’s something I study in graduate school. Obviously, its not just clothing. I find technology brands, car brands and just brands and the psychology of it fascinating in general. It’s NYFW right now and I read this little piece from The Cut which really illustrates how Fashion Week is different now.

Looking at people and brands that still inspire me and stand the test of time one of my favorites, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy was one of the first people I was fascinated with her style and story. I still have the article that Newsweek wrote about her in my saved articles (pre-Pinterest). I remember thinking in high school how this person with the perfectly blown-out hair had remade herself and was now a Kennedy. Very Cinderella. Very Brand-Worthy. Very American.

This outfit montage is lovely and to me really shows timeless style but you can also tell its the late-1990s. Click on it to see the detail. If I posted it larger it took over my blog.


So few people look fashion-forward but appropriate anymore. And I’m not just referring to media people, the average person acts like not making an effort is some kind of badge of honor. It’s not. You look like sh*t. It’s a bad habit and lazy.

I look at pictures of my mother and grandmother through the years. Of course, everything is dated but they also look put together and ready to make it happen. They were and are ladies. My grandmother looked like she stepped out of Mad Men and my mom looked like the perfect, preppy mom. It’s not just about the outside obviously. But do you really want to be the one wearing the “sad sweater from a bin of stuff?”

Alright, I’ll stop. I promised no soap boxes. Thanks for indulging my walk down memory lane and glossing over my favorite subject.

Dresses I’m Loving – Spring Neutrals

I am all about neutrals and neutral patterns right when I look at the dresses out there. I don’t like a lot of the splashy, multi-colored prints I’m seeing for spring. I like the below dresses because I can add a pink or green trench when it is still a bit cool in the morning and when it warms up a colorful shoe. Personally I prefer pink or red for pop.

Red lace, Holiday dressing and shopping my closet

I’ve gotten several invitations to Christmas parties that are work related and have been unsure what to wear. One party is a touch on the fancy side its been leaving me in a quandary. This season I’m not to keen to buy much since I’m doing things other than shopping at this time. But while perusing my closet I looked at this dress.

First time I wore it in Nashville in May.

My Kate Spade lace dress is from the summer and I feel it might be an option. Yes, technically, I bought it in the summer and wore it to a rehearsal dinner and a wedding already. But I love it and I believe if I wear it with black stockings, black patent heels and a black pashmina I can get away with it at a Christmas party. Or do the nude stockings and nude heels a la the Duchess.

I’m not a stalker. I swear.

Lace is so in right now for dresses. Personally, I love lace and would wear it all the time. Casual or dressy it just adds that touch of something extra that I like. We can thank the Duchess for the lace trend though and there are tons of options and price points to choose from for the Holidays. I did include a knock-off DVF below if you look closely because of the price. I also included a pretty lace blouse that would be pretty with tuxedo pants or just a black pencil skirt. And then since we repurpose everything, white jeans and espadrilles on the Fourth of July.

Personal Styling – Mama Social

I’ve done personal shopping and styling for people on and off for people for at least 12 years. It a hobby more than anything. But it can be fun. My best customer is my Mom though. I do most of her shopping and putting together her outfits for events. She’s got good taste so its not exactly hard.

She contacted me on Monday that she wanted me to go out with her and add some basics for to her wardrobe this weekend. There is the age issue now. Not dressing to young but still looking stylish since most people think she is ten years young than she is and she still wears a 6-8 which we can give her golf claps for accomplishing.

I was thinking about some items that might be added to her closet. I know she needs some new sweaters and flats. She’s got colored denim taken care of from earlier this year and would like to focus on fun slightly dressier looks to go with jeans. Her life revolves around family events, her farm and not work in an office anymore. Mom is conservative with a fun side.

I’ve begun looking around at sweaters for her and the flats she requested.

Here is an outfit I know she will like and be comfortable. She tends to like sparkly nails and to be able to use her Chanel collection when she is back in Atlanta so I included options I know she owns like the bag and the jeans.

(No payment is received if you click on a link.)

Styling for Mom