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Archive for the ‘online stores’ Category

Waiting is the hardest

I buy a lot of stuff online, but I am not getting the satisfaction I need lately. I waiting on three deliveries currently.

One, from Stephen Bonanno. This includes two pairs of shoes. One of which I want to wear because they are the blue and orange colors of the University of Florida and football season is getting ready to start.

The second is from Pennington and Bailes. I bought the UF skirt and want it for the first game.

The third is from CK Bradley. This one I have major issues with. I bought a dress and pair of men’s swim trunks from the sale items last week. Here they are.


Ed liked these and they will be great for Christmas vacation.

I had been waiting on the dress to go on sale too. But when I clicked the button to pay, an error message popped up on the computer screen that I may/may not have bought the items and please contact the site. I did. I sent two emails and got the number to warehouse. I asked very nicely if they would confirm if the order had gone thru or not, because if not I still want the items. They have yet to respond, but the charge is there on my online account. I just hope it comes this week, because I want to wear it on Friday to Ed’s defense.

I was able to pick up a pair of Bernardo Matrix sandals on sale down at Mel Rose in the Highlands, so that was nice. I love getting nice basics on sale.

How do I love J.Crew? – let me count the ways

I ordered the Jillian espadrilles from J.Crew and was one of the unfortunate people to get the back-order wait. When they came in the shoes did not fit. Sucks, right? But the people who work at J.Crew are the best.

Here is what they sent me.

Dear Leslie Rodgers:

Thank you for your feedback!

We always appreciate hearing from our customers about ways in which we
might improve our product. We will forward your comments to our
merchandising team for their review. They are always looking for new
ways to create a richer and more exciting line.

We apologize for the fit of the Jillian espadrilles. Please return them
for a full credit to your Visa account. Your order will be noted to
accept the return and to not charge you for the return postage.

If we can help you with anything else, please feel free to respond to
this email at contactus@jcrew.com, or if you’d prefer to speak with one
of our Customer Service associates, call us toll free 1.800.562.0258.



A bit “stock” but I don’t care. Most retailers suck anymore and J.Crew doesn’t. I worked retail for many years and was obsessed with making the stores I worked in a good customer experience.

Also, when I was in the store yesterday, due to wanting to look rather than mailing the shoes back, I forgot the receipt. I did have the UPS return sticker. The sales associate called catalog and looked up the order for me. He also chose to show me the new lookbook for rollout at the beginning of the month. I have to say that there are quite a few items that I am going to have to add to my closet.

Stores with Blogs – Pink Daisies

I have bought several cute items from this boutique. Super cute and great service.

However, I can not post them because they are gifts. Trust me, the stuff is great.