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Archive for the ‘obsessions’ Category

Nail polish – I’m not trendy

I used to do all kinds of colors on my nails. I did gels. I did French tips. *SHUDDER*. But now I have getting my nails healthy again the thought of having color on my hands darker than OPI’s Ballet Slippers is just to much for me. I still like an American manicure which is a lighter, less noticeable version of a French manicure. But for a pedicure I still like color.

Turns out I pretty much only like one color these days. Chanel’s Pirate. It’s always been a favorite and the company doesn’t seem to mess with the formula like it did with Vamp.

The perfect shade of red in my opinion. So elegant. Plus, if I did want color on my hands it totally works. I’m not a huge product person so when I find something I like I tend to stick with it.

However, recently I got all excited and decided to try something new on my toes. The new Chanel Vertigo which I’m sure you’ve seen on other blogs or might of tried yourself.

Kind of a charcoal color

I just kind of felt it made my toes look dirty.

I like the bright of red especially as it gets colder. Or you know, always.

Maybe I’m getting in a rut. I would prefer to think of these preferences as signatures. So much more chic.

Whatever. At least I don’t wear things like this. So hideous. Heart palpitations just looking at it.

Source: buzzfeed.com via Tyler on Pinterest

What’s Up? Bullet Points

* I am obsessed with the Greek salad from Panera. Except I bring my own diced tomatoes instead of their tomato wedges. It’s a quirk. I hate wedges.

* So Team Lynne and Team Gretchen on RHOC. Vicky has just turned mean.

* I double booked myself. So I am going to the mountains next Friday but I have to come back on Saturday because I have a benefit to go too.

* Someone needs to teach me how to do my hair like Olivia’s on The City. (Don’t hate. I like it and want it.)

* I have dropped almost another minute of my mile time.

* My new (kind of old) favorite thing is to go to nice restaurants but sit at the bar and have cocktails and an appetizer. I have been doing this a lot lately. I get to go out, but it is much more budget friendly.

* New favorite place: Il Mulino. So amazing.

* If I am shopping anywhere it is only at local stores. Sandpiper, Tulipano and Luna.

* Picked up the 7-1/4 quart Le Creuset pot in red. FINALLY. After all these years. Making short ribs this weekend.

* At 30 years old I have had to go on Fiber supplements. Despite eating fruit and salad every day. That pesky lack of gallbladder strikes again.

* Spending all day on Sunday helping with next weeks benefit. At least, I don’t have to work the benefit.

* Totally and completely obsessed with spin class. Spin class is my new crack.

* So over people who disrespect past President’s and National Events.

Sex and the City – What are you doing for the premiere?

A couple of months ago, I was not sure how I felt about the Sex and the City movie? I have been so worried that they were not going to do it justice and it would be another TV show ruined as movie. But when I saw the preview and Carrie says to Charlotte’s little girl that “not all fairy tales come true”, I knew I did want to see the movie. And it made me think about who I was then and now.

I was the first of my friends to watch Sex and the City. I introduced it to most of them. I was this wannabe-fashionista who thought I was to cool. I wore old-school, blue suede New Balances, Aberbrombie pants and Vivienne Tam mesh shirts with Prada nylon bags. And when the sales guys at Jeffrey who helped my mom told me how fab I looked it, I thought that was everything.

I taught my friends how to walk in high heels and desperately protected my Fendi baguette (somewhat affordable at the time) from getting beer spilled on it at Buckhead bars.

And I just knew I was leaving and somewhere, somehow I was going to have my own Carrie/Charlotte/Samantha/Miranda experience.

But I did not leave. I met and married a guy who was nothing like any of the guys on the show. But would watch the show with me and hugged me when I cried at the last episode.

And I don’t work in fashion despite planning to my entire life. And that is OK. I work in construction and usually wear pink polos when I walk onto a jobsite. But I still read every fashion magazine and own my fair share of Jimmy’s and Manolo’s.

I think, if anything, the show just proved that life is what you make of it.

For the premiere, a friend of mine is having a huge cocktail party, then going to see the movie, then everyone is going out to dinner. And they are all getting dressed up.

I am going on Saturday with the friend who I taught how to walk in heels. Then we are going for margaritas. It was always our thing over the last 10 years.

And I think that is final thought from the show. Sometimes certain moments are best shared with your girlfriends.

Trash TV – The New 90210

I saw the new promo for the new version of 90210. See below.

I will watch for the clothes. (Mostly. Just like my friend who tried to tell her boyfriend that she only watches The Hills for the clothes. Don’t we all.) But here is the key thing about the promo. Notice the actor who is going to play Dixon Mills. He played “Michael” on The Wire. I now have visions of Michael coming into West Beverly and doing bad deeds. And that is just to weird.

It’s like Jennifer Aniston, who will always be Rachel. This guy will always be Michael to me.

Gossip Girl – Sour Cherry by The Kills

Here is the song playing in the OMFG promo for Gossip Girl.

I have been obsessed with it.

Gossip – Etsy and Martha Stewart

Check out this little bit of gossip from valleywag.

Interesting, huh?

Obsessions – European Gossip

I have been following this whole Carla Bruni-Sarkozy thing in the European tabloids and now it is all over our news too. I do love how she has had her own “Jackie Kennedy” moment over in England.

She was my favorite supermodel in the 90s when supermodels were the IT girls. So I find it interesting as to how she has evolved. Plus, she looks amazing. I need to sell my soul to whoever she did. :)

Here is one my favorite pictures from the visit to England.


NY Fashion Week – My favorite time of the year

Oh, how I love it. Thank God, for Style

Things I am obsessed with – Best Dressed Lists

Vanity Fair announced their best dressed list the other day. I always wonder how these lists are decided, because sometimes they are very questionable. I mean, do publicists/stylists pay to get their clients added? It makes you wonder.

The thing about this list is that there is a Hall of Fame. One of my favorite Vogue contributors, Marina Rust Connor, was added. And rightly so. Let’s see some hits from the past.



So chic

Others like Marjorie Gubelman Raien, Tory Burch and Bee Shaffer were listed. I question the addition of Bee due to her being Anna’s daughter. But no one asked me.

All pictures from Style.com

How do I love J.Crew? – let me count the ways

I ordered the Jillian espadrilles from J.Crew and was one of the unfortunate people to get the back-order wait. When they came in the shoes did not fit. Sucks, right? But the people who work at J.Crew are the best.

Here is what they sent me.

Dear Leslie Rodgers:

Thank you for your feedback!

We always appreciate hearing from our customers about ways in which we
might improve our product. We will forward your comments to our
merchandising team for their review. They are always looking for new
ways to create a richer and more exciting line.

We apologize for the fit of the Jillian espadrilles. Please return them
for a full credit to your Visa account. Your order will be noted to
accept the return and to not charge you for the return postage.

If we can help you with anything else, please feel free to respond to
this email at contactus@jcrew.com, or if you’d prefer to speak with one
of our Customer Service associates, call us toll free 1.800.562.0258.



A bit “stock” but I don’t care. Most retailers suck anymore and J.Crew doesn’t. I worked retail for many years and was obsessed with making the stores I worked in a good customer experience.

Also, when I was in the store yesterday, due to wanting to look rather than mailing the shoes back, I forgot the receipt. I did have the UPS return sticker. The sales associate called catalog and looked up the order for me. He also chose to show me the new lookbook for rollout at the beginning of the month. I have to say that there are quite a few items that I am going to have to add to my closet.