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Archive for the ‘neighborhood’ Category

The Tornado

I am in DC. The tornado did touch down near my building. The building is fine.

Cabbagetown took the brunt of it all. My friend’s who have a house there said that one tree on their property is missing all its branches. A tree fell on one of their cars and the meter was ripped off the side of the house. Will’s canoe was balanced on the neighbor’s fence. So weird.

They said it is like a war zone and that everyone is at Six Feet Under due to no power. Amy described three houses in a row each with its own tree going down the middle of it. They waiting to see what is going to happen because there is another tornado warning. I could hear all the sirens in background while I talked to her.

She said the seeing Cotton Mill Lofts is unbelievable. Supposedly the top four floors caved in. Not sure if that is true.

Also she described mattresses and other things like that are just all over the neighborhood.

So it seems I got out of town just in time, but am definitely worried about what is to come.

The trials and tribulations of my neighborhood

I am starting tennis again. I used to be relatively good, but that is all gone now. It is hard to restart, because I am a perfectionist and very competitive and it is frustrating to suck. It also sucks that I am an adult and don’t belong to a country club like I did when I was a kid. I will be starting tennis class next week at the PGA Superstore in Buckhead and see how that goes.

But here is the deal. I live in the Midtown neighborhood in a condo complex. My local tennis courts are not what you would call “in a good area”. There are courts in Piedmont Park, but everyone who plays there seems to be good and my current level of play is embarrassing. So we go to the “not nice courts” to play.

To get a clear picture let me lay out the scene. If you have ever watched “The Wire” on HBO and know anything about West Baltimore you have some idea of what I am going to describe. The courts are maybe 4 blocks from our complex and many locals use them. There is also a soccer park where kids league soccer plays year around. However on the hill just beside the courts is what I describe as “West Baltimore”. Drug deals, yelling, sleeping, eating, and who knows what else transpires on this hill. I do not go to these courts without Ed. The main issue is the drug deals and the obvious addicts hanging out that is troublesome. The stellar police force of ATL is no where in sight.

My neighborhood has cleaned up alot since I moved in with Ed years ago. It still has a ways to go. So it is hard to feel good about playing tennis and wearing cute outfits like below, when there is so much hardship and need in the area you live.

I guess that is why I have started to try to be proactive and give back more. Every little bit helps, right?