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Archive for the ‘Nashville’ Category

Stories – The day I got a GED

I’ve had a lot of odd things happen in my life. Events that sometimes I’m like really, that happened? Curve balls that were just not part of the plan. I think the first major one happened the summer after my junior year of high school. I had been in a dance camp, Presidential Classroom, and my all-girl’s school had sent me to Girl’s State and I was preparing for senior year. It was going to be full of AP’s, Youth in Government, dance, and applying for college. That summer had been a bit stressful though. My dad who was still in his 40s had suffered a minor heart attack and somehow by miracle driven himself to St. Thomas Hospital since it happened while he was driving on West End Ave. I think that was the catalyst to what happened next.

After he had relatively recovered he decided we were moving to Atlanta. This wasn’t the smartest move but Daddy was having a bit of a midlife crisis and he could move his company wherever he wanted so he felt it didn’t matter. I don’t know why but I was for this change. I probably should have begged to stay but I was ready to go. My parents had kept my sister and I very sheltered our whole lives so I was ready to get out of Nashville. I knew I didn’t want to go to University of Tennessee or Belmont and knew my parents weren’t going to pay for Vanderbilt. They had put me through 11 years of private school. Private college was not an option. And to be honest, at the time, I hated Nashville. I wanted to go to Atlanta, NYC or DC.

Ok, so what was going to happen with me and school? I discussed it with my mom and we weren’t going to be moved until November of 1996. This would have been during my senior year in a new town. And we had called around and none of the private schools in Atlanta would even talk to us since it was so late in the application process. Atlanta is very different from Nashville. In Nashville everyone goes to private school. I realized recently that my entire time growing up I never actually knew anyone who went to public school. It was decided that I was going to get my GED and start college in January. Mind boggling. I just went with it.

My mom took me down to the center where you sign up to take your GED and we filled out the paper work. I remember the lady asking me if I wanted to take the prep classes. I said in the childish monotone I would sometimes use “no, I went to school X. I don’t think I need that.” She stacked all the papers, looked up and said “Well good luck. But I guess you don’t need it.”

The day came to take the test. I didn’t know what to expect but I was kind of nervous. I got up really early and drove myself to the testing center. It was on the opposite side of town and I had never driven in that area by myself. Actually, I had probably never been on that side of town. Looking back this whole situation is so weird. I remember pulling up in my car which was my dad’s old Range Rover at the time. I was in a sweater skirt and tights. There were people outside smoking. They looked like they were straight out of The Outsiders. At least to me that’s what they looked like. They were probably just regular people but to a sheltered kid from a world of uniforms, LL Bean and where kids get hand me down cars of Range Rovers, Porsches, and BMWs all I could think was GANG!!!! OMG!!!! WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME!!!!

The test was all day long and it was taken in blocks according to topics. I had not brought a book or a magazine and this is before smart phones let alone cell phones. My friends had beepers. As I took each test which I finished each section in 20 minutes or less. This means I got to sit quietly in a room all day long watching other people take a GED test. There were a couple of breaks where I did not talk to anyone. I just listened to their conversations which included topics of house arrest and showing each other their house arrest bracelets on their ankles. My eyes were about to pop out of my head. I knew that before the day was out I was going to die of boredom or Ponyboy and Sodapop to kill me.

The test finally ended. I could have taken the whole thing in an hour. I guess my parents when parents thought they were investing in my education they didn’t quite think “I hope my daughter just kills it on the GED exam.” But that was that. I passed the exam (obviously), moved to Atlanta and started college in January. I don’t think of this event much anymore. I usually just tell people I graduated from school X and am done with it. Having a GED doesn’t bother me. I had extenuating circumstances and I’m in graduate school for and MBA now. It’s not a knock on my intelligence. It just happened. My ex-boyfriend used to like to tell people I didn’t graduate HS (he did it in a mean way) and I would feel this need to explain the story. The whole story. And the whole story doesn’t matter. It’s just a blip in a long history of strange, slightly odd events that make up my life. And its my life and I don’t have to make apologies for it or explain it. It’s a road less travelled and I’m proud of it nonetheless.

Iroquois Steeplechase – Nashville

Earlier this month I went up to Nashville for the Steeplechase. I stayed with BFF’s family off of Old Hickory Blvd. which made access very easy. We actually walked down the center of the street between the cars to get there.

We found it absolutely hilarious how all the girls had still shown up in white, Lilly P., or sandals. We showed up Steeplechase appropriate, but in minidresses (no muddy butts from flying mud) and Hunter wellies. Those came in handy. Especially when everyone else was walking into the disgusting port-o-potties in barefeet and we were, oh, NOT CATCHING DISEASES.

I do think it is a sign of age and to much partying when you think far enough in advance to bring your own toilet paper. I was not a girl scout in my former life either.

After the Steeplechase I played a game of “Please deliver my pizza/Just sneak by the police not allowing access/I am starving” with Papa John’s. I eventually won that battle.



BFF and ME

Tidbits and Weekend Recap

It’s Thursday night and it has been another busy week. Yoga, new employee, JLA, etc. have been rough this week. I do have all my JLA meeting credits complete for the year and just have to finish my advisor hours for the fall. That’s a positive! Hence, the weekend recap on Thursday night. And I think we have had enough liquidation debate for one blog.

I did attend the J Brand trunk show at Sandpiper last week. Ended up grabbing a Nanette Lepore top instead. Got a pair of grey, J. Brand cords at Luna earlier in the week. Mom was fawned over by the rep for how good she looked and how it was amazing she had, had no work done. Ugh, I was looking in the mirror at the dark circles under my eyes. Those are going away. No caffeine seems to improve sleep and make me a nicer person. Who knew? Moving on.

Headed up to Nashville on Saturday for a 30th birthday party. Brought up one of the giant cupcake cakes from Little Cake Bakery. The picture does not do it justice. There was sparkly, sugary stuff all over it. It was very cute. Paper products were 50% off from Limetree. Also, brought 2 bottles of champagne for good measure. If chocolate was not enough. And I have to say, most bakeries make their cakes days in advance and they taste like crap. Little Cake Bakery was still icing mine when I went to pick it up on Friday afternoon. Everyone loved it.

Went to The Mirror on Saturday night. Meh! on the food. Yay! on the pineapple margaritas. I was wearing the same dress from the Hands on Atlanta event.

Also, picked up a pair of J Brand jeans at H. Audrey in Green Hills. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORE! It’s edgy and fun, but not over the top.

Cake from little cake bakery in atlanta.  Made the trip with no damage … See my Tabblo>

I was looking at my calendar for October and realized that I have something scheduled almost every single day. Literally. Not sure if I should be scared or not.

Happy 30th Birthday C-!

Takes me back to plaid skirts, saddle oxfords and many, many memories.

Heading out to Nashville in the morning for the last of the Nashville 30s. This week has been beyond hectic.

Have an amazing weekend.

I am in Nashville and I went to a Hustler store

What else is there to say? To set the picture, I am up here with Marilyn (Mom) for work. We are staying at The Hermitage this time. Very nice. But a Hustler store opened a few years ago and no one told me. And it is near my really nice hotel. Now, this is the truth, I have never seen a Hustler Magazine. I did see The People V. Larry Flynt and Courtney got robbed of an Oscar. I don’t like to look at the dirty mags. But why would I?

Seems as though Larry decided it would be a good idea to open the store on Church Street, at that. Had dinner with Carrie tonight and she said when the store was opening there were lots of protests and letter writing, but it still opened. Anyway, I would not let Marilyn come in until I checked out the merchandise due to my eyes can take it. But she is a nice, Christian lady and I don’t want God to hold my transgressions against my mom. Plus, the store was featured in Sex and the City years ago, so I HAD to go in.

It is tacky and all the truly dirty stuff is sectioned off. When I had scoped out the situation I called her on my cell and said she could come in. It is mostly tacky crap. I bought some magnets that have nothing to do with sex. Just something I find funny. Anyway, back in Atlanta at some point tomorrow and on to Richmond Thursday morning and College Park and Ed Thursday night. I will report back on what is it is like to pack your high heels beside a hard hat.

Nashville events – Nashville Fusion

There has been a special request for me to post the next link.

This is an ATL focused site, but I have heavy ties still in Nashville. Plus, this event benefits the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation. And we all know how I feel about cancer.

Nashvile Fusion is tomorrow night, so check it out.