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Archive for the ‘make-up’ Category

Something I am Obsessed with – Cellfood

I have bad skin. I have used EVERYTHING and then SOME. Every product, every facial, every home remedy. My skin has issues and that is just my lot in life. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is not. Thankfully, Laura Mercier does wonders.

Unfortunately, Ed has skin issues too. Recently I was at a desperation point. My mother reminded me to go to the cure-all, Willner Chemists. This place has helped me with several issues and made it possible for me not to go to the Doctor in one instance. So off I went for more skin care purchases.

Willner has all the usual suspects in “natural” and “cruelty free” products. I just needed something get rid of my current issue. The staff is mostly knowledgeable. Some more than others. This time the guy went thru all the shelves and finally pulled out the secret stash from behind the counter. Check it.


Cellfood is my new favorite thing. This stuff has done amazing things to my skin. The fine lines that had started to appear have faded. NO S**T!!! I am always suspicious of these type products, but this one has really lived up to the hype. One example, I have been mistaken for 18. TWICE. Hopefully, my skin won’t become to immune to it or anything weird like that.

Anyway, check out their website in the link above and make your own conclusions. I have bought one of the internal products, but have not started it yet. Feedback welcome.

Make-up to Love – Dior Addict Gloss

This is my new favorite lip gloss. Dior Addict. I really like the glossy lip look. It works for me. Lipstick always seems like alot of trouble. I have had most of the brands versions of gloss. This one is definitely the glossiest of the glosses.