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Archive for the ‘magazines’ Category

Choices, choices – ATL Magazines

There are 4 main lifestyle magazines here in Atlanta that all want your subscription dollars. I have my favorite and there are good points to each.

The ATLANTAN is the one I subscribe too. I prefer the writing to the others. It is more chic and the recommendations are fab (but expensive).

I used to love Jezebel. My friend Danielle was actually one of their 50 Most Beautiful People a couple of years ago. I used to love this magazine, but now find it cheesy and past its prime. They still host parties, but I don’t care for those either.

Atlanta magazine is the original. There is more news and local politics. Party pictures are still offered. My opinion is that it needs “refreshing” or maybe just some botox. The one section I do not think is up to speed to the Dining section. I generally disagree with recommendations and find the writing not what I would expect from a magazine of this nature. I know their reviewer has been part of the ATL community for many years, but the magazine needs a fresh viewpoint. Not every new restaurant is good.

Atlanta Peach
is another new one. This is from the same publisher as Ocean Drive. This one is good. It is more “party” and fun, but not as cheesy as Jezebel. I heard this option has gained alot of subscribers.

The main issue is how many of these magazines can Atlanta support? I do like Atlantan, but am unsure if it is what the average person would buy. Plus, it is not easily found on the news stands. We’ll see, won’t we?