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What does it mean to be a mother?

Honestly, society says one thing. The Bible says one thing. It means something to each individual. It changes lives. I think sometimes as I watch people who are mothers and sometimes think it is the ultimate in mean girl, obnoxious, clique-y experiences a female can go through. What it means to be a mother has changed in the age of the Internet/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

My birthday is looming and I’ve been thinking about these ladies and the next part of my life a lot. To me, being a mother is being a good example and “teaching life.” I don’t really know how else to say it. I’m so thankful for my mother and so sorry I didn’t follow her example more. Things might have been easier for me. I might not have made so many mistakes. In the last year, people say I look more like my mom and am much more calm like her. All I have to say to that is THANK GOD. She’s not perfect, but she sure got life right.

I’m not a mother and struggle with the knowledge that I probably never will be a mother in the traditional sense. However, I still have a responsibility to children who are in my life to be a good female role model. I have a responsibility as a Junior League member to give my time and effort to women’s and children’s causes. I have a responsibility to carry on in some degree the good example set by my mother and her mother before her. I’m guilty of failing at this and disappointing them many times.

For me, I think you have to find your place in whatever hand is dealt you. Even if you aren’t a mother in the traditional sense as a female you cans still use those characteristics and instincts to still make a difference. I’m everyone’s favorite “aunt” and am becoming more comfortable with this role. Maybe this is all coming about because I’m getting older and time is ticking by. Maybe it’s because I’ve made peace with certain things about the past. It’s probably because my mother set the example of move forward and don’t compare yourself to others. And I guess, I finally learned that lesson and listened to my mother. :)

Valentine’s Day: Reality vs How You Wish It Was/Is/Whatever

This is what the media wants you to believe Valentine’s Day is like.

Waking up in Paris.

Eiffel Tower at Sunrise

With the best version ever of La Vie en Rose playing in the background.

(Don’t actually watch the video. It ruins the song. Just listen.)

This is reality and how you know true love runs deep.

Cheese Enchiladas 187-2

You’re just happy that he knows your regular order by heart.


And he knows you want a lime with your beer.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Red lace, Holiday dressing and shopping my closet

I’ve gotten several invitations to Christmas parties that are work related and have been unsure what to wear. One party is a touch on the fancy side its been leaving me in a quandary. This season I’m not to keen to buy much since I’m doing things other than shopping at this time. But while perusing my closet I looked at this dress.

First time I wore it in Nashville in May.

My Kate Spade lace dress is from the summer and I feel it might be an option. Yes, technically, I bought it in the summer and wore it to a rehearsal dinner and a wedding already. But I love it and I believe if I wear it with black stockings, black patent heels and a black pashmina I can get away with it at a Christmas party. Or do the nude stockings and nude heels a la the Duchess.

I’m not a stalker. I swear.

Lace is so in right now for dresses. Personally, I love lace and would wear it all the time. Casual or dressy it just adds that touch of something extra that I like. We can thank the Duchess for the lace trend though and there are tons of options and price points to choose from for the Holidays. I did include a knock-off DVF below if you look closely because of the price. I also included a pretty lace blouse that would be pretty with tuxedo pants or just a black pencil skirt. And then since we repurpose everything, white jeans and espadrilles on the Fourth of July.

Daytrippin’ – Cash and Carry at the America’s Mart

My future MIL called me the other day and asked if I wanted to go spend the day at the cash and carry show at the America’s Mart downtown. I was first like, um that would be fiscally irresponsible. And then I changed my mind to it would fiscally irresponsible re: Christmas presents not to go. So I took the day off and headed downtown at yesterday morning.

I was rather excited about going because it had been approximately ten years since I had been in the Mart. I’ve never got to make any purchases in the past. My experiences were working in a showroom during an off-time doing visuals or attending regional meetings for a former employer. Or when I used to travel for work a lot I would get stuck on MARTA with show attendees crushing my ribs on the way to their respective hotels. But I digress.

It was rather crazy. I looked at a lot of the name tags to see where people were coming from. Lots of Middle Georgia or just over the line in Alabama or South Carolina. My future MIL has been going to these events for thirty years because of her different side businesses and originally a large store she used to own in Buford.

I was able to get some Christmas gifts for family members and for B’s daughters. I was looking for bang for my buck type items. I spent just under $150 on some really great deals that I’m quite pleased about and can’t wait to go to Hobby Lobby and pick out my gift wrap color scheme for the year.

But I wanted to show you some of the madness through grainy, wobbly iPhone pics. There was plenty of junk that I didn’t partake in. No need to buy crap.

Loads and loads of what I would think of as disposable watches. Large faces with lots sparkle.

Some of the larger options looked rather good. And uber cheap.

Smocked Holiday clothes for all the little girls in the South

There were some really nice options in this sea of silver.

These entertaining items were going like hot cakes.

We shopped for other people till we just about dropped. There were quite a few food vendors with dip mixes, jellies, bbq sauces, etc. to buy. I think I tasted everything there was to taste. I thought this was reasonable since I hadn’t eaten any breakfast.

We did walk up a couple of blocks to Rays in the City to meet B for lunch. Then this happened.

Iceberg lettuce and bleu cheese. I’m the picture of health.

After lunch we went back to the Mart, got of our things out of holding and into my car. Then we went to some other floors that had a few showrooms open. The highlight was going in the vendor who sells Elizabeth McKay. It was all I could do to not buy ALL THE SAMPLES. Truly, heart breaking to leaving with nothing. But I got to see the summer things and died over all of it.

MIL goes to all the shows so its now on my calendar to spend a couple of days downtown with her during the January show. I was spinning my wheels yesterday going is there anything I can sell in this economy because OMG, THIS IS SO FREAKING FUN!!!!

But you know what I won’t be selling? These.

Bubble necklaces for everyone!

Happy Halloween aka Wednesday

It’s Halloween.

This is my iphone pic of my Kate Spade shift. It’s Wednesday.

On Wednesday’s we wear pink.

This is our pumpkin. Nothing out of the ordinary but I did think it looked cool lit up at night when we drive into the cul-de-sac.

Say Cheese!

These are my candy bags I do for people I visit for work this time of year. Basically, I just combine candy corn, Indian corn and the pumpkin cremes, tie a bow and attach my card. I seem to always work in positions where I call on small business owners and they (and their staff) love stuff like this. Sometimes I think some of the tactics I take would seem old-fashioned to people but the tactics work so I don’t really care.

Probably a good thing I don’t call on dentists.

I went to a party last night given by someone we do business with. It was quite the shindig. Most people were dressed in costume, open bar, fully catered, etc. All the girls working the event were dressed as slutty nurses which is fine since most of the guests were men and I don’t really find that kind of thing offensive. But I walked in, in my green trench since I was freezing. And my outfit was a DVF and black tights. Typical me, but that was one of the rare times where I just felt old, over dressed, covered up, not cute, fat, list goes on. I’m not fat. I know this. But I am 5’9 and when you are standing beside a petite, size 0 with inflatable tits the automatic reaction is “OMG! Pass the botox! And NO, I don’t want any food.”

So many mixed feelings and struggles about not comparing self. Remembering to be my best or work to my best is HAAAARRRDDDD. Boo! Hiss!

Have a caltene bar for me! I won’t be eating. ;)

Father’s Day – It’s All Good

So tomorrow is Father’s Day. I’m not depressed. I’m not sad. In fact, I think a little after five years after my father’s death I think he would be pleased the way things are going. My sister is getting married this coming Friday to a wonderful guy that we all love and is a wonderful addition to the family. I even think, no know, Daddy would have really liked him. My sister and I have a really good relationship with my step-father. Even my mom’s parents love him and I think that says a lot since my grandfather was probably considered as close to a best friend as my Dad ever had. He is a good companion for my mother and makes her happy and that is all that matters. We have a good family dynamic in my opinion. And I’m not sure I could have said that a year or two ago.

I think its interesting how things change. How you think the pain will never subside. How you think that things will never be happy or smooth ever again. And then they are. I guess its true, this to shall pass. I’m no longer reduced to almost hysterics when I discuss my father. Instead, its more like wonderful, happy, or funny memories. Don’t get me wrong, if I’ve been drinking there will probably be tears which is a bit embarrassing considering my age. But I don’t feel like my world or my family is on the brink of ending any time soon like I used to.

I won’t get into much of my own stuff right now. However, I feel like in the last six months I have finally found peace with many things, like the fact I will probably never have children. Lent and the process I went through then was very profound for me. I finally found some, even a lot, of happiness that I never had before. I’ve said before I would probably already be dead if weren’t for God. This past Lent and in the time after I finally found some happiness and a sense of calm I never experienced in the past. To be honest, I’ve never been very satisfied or happy with anything. I know my Dad never knew it either. I KNOW he would be happy that I found a bit of peace with God’s help.

I will always miss my Dad. Shit, I’ve shed a tear or two typing this. But going forward we’re good. If I had a beer I would pour one out for you.

Love you forever Daddy.

xoxo, L

Lent, Gratitude

I already tweeted about this last week but today starts Lent and I haven’t posted in about two weeks. I’m adding something to my life this year rather than giving something up. I decided to specifically show gratitude or do something thoughtful for at least one person a day for the 40 days of Lent.

I have struggled with being grateful and happy which I’m sure you know. I struggle with this journey that I’m on and realizing that my time table is not other people’s time table or even Christ’s time table for me. I struggle with not reliving the past to much and playing the game of Why Me? I struggle with not comparing myself or being to hard on myself in general. I have to work really hard to keep Christ in my mind on a daily basis and not forget that I’m not alone. I NEVER WANT TO BE BITTER. Bitter makes you ugly inside and out and no one wants that to happen. I want to really move forward from the past with this process and not talk about it anymore except anecdotally and with fondness. Nothing more or less.

I’m trying to focus on the good, the positive and how Christ has saved me. He saved me by dying for me on the cross. He saved me three years a go when this journey started. He has given me strength to keep going and make the hard decisions. Things keep slowly but surely working out and I know its not necessarily because of me.

The Lent season has significance for me because I watched my Dad finally die during it and Ash Wednesday is my drug free anniversary. Lots of changes in this time seem to occur. Not sure why its like that or if it happens for others in that same way. On the positive I’ve now been drug free for three years and my alcoholic ways are behind me. I think this will be the last time I mention any of that on this blog as well. It took a lot to get here but I’m here.

I decided two nights a go I was going to get up yesterday and run 10 miles. My training for a half marathon is sporadic at best. But I ran those 10.5 miles very easily. I could have finished the rest of the half marathon if I wanted too. First, time I’ve run that distance in my life. I feel like running is changing me and for the better. Like I can see an even bigger picture than I could see before. Running is something I used to refuse to do years a go. I can’t was always the response. Now its I can and I’m actually fast when I want to be. I’m 33 and suddenly I’m an athlete of sorts.

I’m beyond grateful for this. I’m so grateful that I can run after last summer’s events and physical problems. I’m so grateful that its becoming easier. I’m grateful that my best thinking and planning comes when I’m running. I’m grateful that I’m achieving something that is personal and means something and that no one ever thought I would. I’m grateful that I can run 8:30 minute miles if I want too. That I can sprint at under an 8 minute mile pace. I’m grateful for what running has done for my mind.

I’m not some amazing runner nor do I want to enter races and place or whatever. I just want to be left alone on a treadmill with my headphones and my electronica music. Its the one time I want to be alone.

Running is something I’m personally grateful for. My first act of gratitude I actually did yesterday. My friend had asked me to make my macaroni and cheese for her family. I bought the ingredients and made it. Of course, there is enough for an army but who cares it fresh macaroni and cheese!

I’m not going to do 40 posts about gratitude. That would be weird. Just letting you know a little bit more about me and what I’m trying to work on during this significant time of year. AND how I’m really going to try to not speak about the past anymore. It’s done.

Just a Couple of Things

1. I made Tyler’s Horseradish and Garlic Prime Rib for Christmas dinner. This was my second time using the recipe. Easiest, tastiest meat you will ever make.

2. Bought Low Country Produce Pickles at Star Provisions for the cheese and relish appetizer course. These had jalapenos in them. They are my new favorite pickle. So much better than Wickles

3. Have totally organized EVERYTHING. Not that it was that out of order, but not it is totally in order.

4. Went to Zaya in Inman Park. $5 Grey Goose Martinis make my day.

5. Derma Luxe is still my favorite place to get a facial. I only do medical grade facials and this is the place.

6. Turns out there is a reason I never went back to graduate school. I have terrible study skills. And it shows when I try to study for an industry test.

7. Went to Chef Liu’s. GO!!!! Soup dumplings, leek pie, pan fried beef dumplings, etc. So amazing.

8. Can’t wait for the Big Game on Thursday night. UF vs. UO. Yay! UF!

9. My toenails were painted black for Christmas. In deference to coal in people’s stockings.

10. I have vowed to make this the best year ever. And not rehash the last two. Even though I am a stronger person for them and got much accomplished, I do not wish them on anyone.

So, this year I am going to pass three industry tests. Continue with my running and get to my goal weight. More of a 4/6 than a 6/8. Expand our company. Do my current charity work and add some more. And the one superficial thing, is to be more glamorous. I have been in a rut and I am out of it. My old gold jewelry is coming out, the Juicy is getting put away and I am going to do my hair every day. It makes me feel better. And honestly, I perform better because of it. Plus, I am on my way already to getting my credit card paid off.

There is a short synopsis of a few things going on with me and what I will be up to over the next couple of months.

Holidays – Happy New Year!

I hope each of you have a fun, safe night tonight. My personal plans keep changing so we will see where I end up.

On a separate subject, I am now on Twitter. You can find me under the name Southern Social.

Once again, have a great holiday and see you next year.

Merry Christmas

To you and yours.

I hope you are having a lovely day.

Best wishes,