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Archive for the ‘guns’ Category

Gun Shopping and Inappropriate Conversations

Yesterday, I went to look at shotguns with my Mom for sporting clay shooting. Guns are expensive. Real expensive. Depends on how much hand engraving, hand built, etc. you want.

I am wandering around this store looking at all the heads mounted on the walls and pictures from people’s safaris that had been sent in. Feeling somewhat “Out of Africa”. I turn around and the owner is zoning in on my Mom. I watched him check out that she does not wear a wedding ring. I watched him check her out.

And then when she tells him the story about how my Dad sold all of my great-grandfather’s guns years ago he says the most special line ever. “And then you got rid of him too.”

Now I know he only said this because she was not wearing a ring. But I got to jump in and flatly say, “No, he died.”

That will always make people take a step back.