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Archive for the ‘gift ideas’ Category

Pineapples for the home.

I’m in love with pineapples. I think its rather common to love pineapples. My mother and grandmother love them. It seems like half the people I know love pineapples and the thought of how they symbolize hospitality. My first memory of the pineapple was visiting The Hermitage on a school trip and the docents explaining the symbolism and saying that Rachel, President Jackson’s wife, loved them. From then on it was a done deal for me.

I was looking around at the latest incarnation of the pineapple and per usual I love everything. Below are pieces to use every day that I thought were reasonably priced and useful for most people. Personally, I love the drink dispenser the best. Makes me want a rum punch right now.

Gifts – I ran out of time and then I went to Wal-Mart

It’s been awhile, so HI! Christmas was hectic and then I got really sick over New Year’s. So sick I had to cancel my party and I turned down an outing to get Mexican. I thought the world was ending. Truly.

But I’m back at work and school is getting ready to start and all is right with the world.

I got myself in a bit predicament over Christmas with two last minute gifts. One, was no big deal and was easily solved at Brooks Brothers. The other was a different story. B was going through the list of gifts to take to his family on Christmas Eve and he mentioned Person X. Um, no I didn’t buy her a gift. No, I didn’t know she needed one. Crap.

What to buy Person X who I don’t know and have barely had a conversation with? Quandaries.

Thus, Wal-Mart to the rescue.

I spent approximately $30 putting together this gift basket. It has more products than other gift baskets and I think it is relatively cute considering the situation. I wrapped the basket in cellophane and tied it with a bow. Done.

I questioned if I would be happy receiving said basket as a gift and felt like I would be fine with it.

In the end, I was rather pleased that it came together without stress or to much effort. I think it would be something I might give again to someone I didn’t know their taste.

Daytrippin’ – Cash and Carry at the America’s Mart

My future MIL called me the other day and asked if I wanted to go spend the day at the cash and carry show at the America’s Mart downtown. I was first like, um that would be fiscally irresponsible. And then I changed my mind to it would fiscally irresponsible re: Christmas presents not to go. So I took the day off and headed downtown at yesterday morning.

I was rather excited about going because it had been approximately ten years since I had been in the Mart. I’ve never got to make any purchases in the past. My experiences were working in a showroom during an off-time doing visuals or attending regional meetings for a former employer. Or when I used to travel for work a lot I would get stuck on MARTA with show attendees crushing my ribs on the way to their respective hotels. But I digress.

It was rather crazy. I looked at a lot of the name tags to see where people were coming from. Lots of Middle Georgia or just over the line in Alabama or South Carolina. My future MIL has been going to these events for thirty years because of her different side businesses and originally a large store she used to own in Buford.

I was able to get some Christmas gifts for family members and for B’s daughters. I was looking for bang for my buck type items. I spent just under $150 on some really great deals that I’m quite pleased about and can’t wait to go to Hobby Lobby and pick out my gift wrap color scheme for the year.

But I wanted to show you some of the madness through grainy, wobbly iPhone pics. There was plenty of junk that I didn’t partake in. No need to buy crap.

Loads and loads of what I would think of as disposable watches. Large faces with lots sparkle.

Some of the larger options looked rather good. And uber cheap.

Smocked Holiday clothes for all the little girls in the South

There were some really nice options in this sea of silver.

These entertaining items were going like hot cakes.

We shopped for other people till we just about dropped. There were quite a few food vendors with dip mixes, jellies, bbq sauces, etc. to buy. I think I tasted everything there was to taste. I thought this was reasonable since I hadn’t eaten any breakfast.

We did walk up a couple of blocks to Rays in the City to meet B for lunch. Then this happened.

Iceberg lettuce and bleu cheese. I’m the picture of health.

After lunch we went back to the Mart, got of our things out of holding and into my car. Then we went to some other floors that had a few showrooms open. The highlight was going in the vendor who sells Elizabeth McKay. It was all I could do to not buy ALL THE SAMPLES. Truly, heart breaking to leaving with nothing. But I got to see the summer things and died over all of it.

MIL goes to all the shows so its now on my calendar to spend a couple of days downtown with her during the January show. I was spinning my wheels yesterday going is there anything I can sell in this economy because OMG, THIS IS SO FREAKING FUN!!!!

But you know what I won’t be selling? These.

Bubble necklaces for everyone!

Let’s Vote – Do you like this gift idea?

If you received this monogrammed Waterford Crystal perfume bottle as a gift would you like it?

I think it is nice. But am open to suggestions. The gift needs to be in the clock/paperweight/picture frame genre.