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Archive for the ‘fashion’ Category

Banana Republic ruffle trench and wrap dresses for under $100

I love this look on Duchess Kate. I don’t care if it is a couple of years old that Burberry trench with the ruffle and black tights is the best.

A new trench for fall is an item that is on my short list of acquisitions. They are perfect for Atlanta weather since we don’t have to use heavy coats for most of the winter. And a trench is great over the ever present wrap dress in my daily work life.

The trench below is a copy cat from Banana Republic. I posted the link to it on twitter yesterday when I saw it for the first time but felt it needed a second post in my own little, shopping world. The price seems reasonable compared to a lot of price points for outerwear I’ve seen recently. Then I added a couple of wrap dresses that are great now and later with tights. All the dresses are under $100 which is much better than DVF.

Lean In – Diane Von Furstenberg and Rachel Zoe


I totally love Rachel Zoe and Diane Von Furstenberg. I live in Diane’s dresses and have similar taste to Rachel. I’m finally starting my own thing and almost done with graduate school. Hopefully, I can do it all as chic and wisely as these ladies.

Manolo Blahnik’s via eBay – my latest finds

I found a couple deals on Manolo Blahnik sandals on eBay last week. It’s been awhile since I bought anything and these sandals were just to good to pass up. I paid under $150 for each barely, worn pair. One is python and the other is croc. If I was buying those shoes full price the total would have been around $2,000 and that is just not an option right now.

manolo brown front

manolo black front

manolo black side

Two pairs of classic sandals that fit perfectly into my little collection. Very pleased if I do say so myself.

Similar Black and similar Brown.

Fashion, History, Lasting Style – Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

I’m a student of fashion and more importantly history, branding and people. It’s forever fascinating to me how it all influences each other and us. The scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestly goes after Andy for laughing about not seeing the difference between two belts then checks her for wearing such a “sad” sweater is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.

It was like I had a moment with Anna herself. I got it! I understood! I get the trickle down!

In a world of fast-fashion (I will spare you my soap box about that today), information overload and blogging I’ve been thinking about what really lasts? What actually gives ROI? A question I wish a lot of people would ask is “am I going to be embarrassed when I look back on this picture ten plus years from now?”

I think about branding and how it affects society because it’s something I study in graduate school. Obviously, its not just clothing. I find technology brands, car brands and just brands and the psychology of it fascinating in general. It’s NYFW right now and I read this little piece from The Cut which really illustrates how Fashion Week is different now.

Looking at people and brands that still inspire me and stand the test of time one of my favorites, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy was one of the first people I was fascinated with her style and story. I still have the article that Newsweek wrote about her in my saved articles (pre-Pinterest). I remember thinking in high school how this person with the perfectly blown-out hair had remade herself and was now a Kennedy. Very Cinderella. Very Brand-Worthy. Very American.

This outfit montage is lovely and to me really shows timeless style but you can also tell its the late-1990s. Click on it to see the detail. If I posted it larger it took over my blog.


So few people look fashion-forward but appropriate anymore. And I’m not just referring to media people, the average person acts like not making an effort is some kind of badge of honor. It’s not. You look like sh*t. It’s a bad habit and lazy.

I look at pictures of my mother and grandmother through the years. Of course, everything is dated but they also look put together and ready to make it happen. They were and are ladies. My grandmother looked like she stepped out of Mad Men and my mom looked like the perfect, preppy mom. It’s not just about the outside obviously. But do you really want to be the one wearing the “sad sweater from a bin of stuff?”

Alright, I’ll stop. I promised no soap boxes. Thanks for indulging my walk down memory lane and glossing over my favorite subject.

OOTD: Green, Pink, Manolo & not very work appropriate

Yesterday it poured rain. Poured. But it was relatively warm. This meant I couldn’t resist wearing an outfit that made me think of Spring and not having to wear a coat was nice too.

I got this dress in early Fall of last year at Anthropologie. I deeply regret not buying it in the other colors it was offered in. I like the draping. I like the color. The green is lovely and almost grass like. It’s not an obnoxious, neon green that many companies think is appropriate to sell. Neon green isn’t appropriate in my world.

green full length

The issue with the dress is that it’s figure hugging. Not in a ridiculous, hooker kind of way. But I wouldn’t normally wear this making calls. I ended up only making one call yesterday and doing more computer work before I met Amy at Seasons 52 for lunch. Lunch was enjoyable but I think I talked her head off.

Ponytail of shame due to the rain. But I love the neckline.

Ponytail of shame due to the rain. But I love the neckline.

The jean jacket I got a the J.Crew outlet in Destin a few years a go. The nude shoes are Manolo Blahnik via eBay. See a pattern here regarding designer and eBay? And the scarf is old J.Crew. It’s the perfect shade of bubble gum pink.

green w: scarf

In other not work appropriate photos outfits. Is it to much to ask to be almost 35 and want to bit swimsuit model fit? I don’t really think so. I love Gwyneth but I have this thing that if I’ve got a wannabe goal model type person she has to have dark, brown hair.

Hence, Julia who is Mohammed’s girlfriend on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lord, just airbrush me like her.


OOTD: J Brand, animal print and red

First, I can’t win with this blog. Either the photos are to small or they are to big. Argh!!!!

Second, yesterday I thought my hair looked good. Clearly it was like when Giuliana or Joan on Fashion Police say that a celebrity’s dress looked amazing in real life but in a photo the person is now nominated for Worst Dressed. Ahem, see my hair below.

I was all over my outfit yesterday since I only had to drop paper work off and don’t have to make calls till tomorrow.

My jeans are replacement J Brand Lovestory jeans since my old pair bit the dust. This pair was much more reasonably priced than the original pair. I think with shipping I paid $30 via eBay. Definitely a check in the win category. However, J Brand is not a brand I recommend buying on eBay unless you really and truly know your size. That brand is all over the place. Sometimes its big, sometimes its small, sometimes I wonder if it’s just mismarked. This time I lucked out.

Sweaters is an old, cashmere, cowl-neck I got a few years ago from Intermix and the light weight coat is Elizabeth & James like in a previous post.

Shoes are super tall, lipstick red Kate Spade. Bag is my trusty Goyard.

I felt somewhat Ali MacGraw somewhat ready to hit Studio 54.

Honestly, I wish I could dress in theme every day. It would be so much more fun.

Lol and photo is via the Neiman Marcus bathroom.


Day to Day Living – Cleaning and Coats

My life is half work and half cleaning lately. The cleaning thing isn’t exactly new to me. I grew up in a house if the CDC sent in a hazmat team they would have found nothing, zero, nada. My parents were obsessed with a clean house. And there wasn’t a housekeeper. We did it. Ugh, it was so annoying. But as an adult I had a cleaning service for many years because of my work/travel schedule. Currently, we aren’t using a housekeeper. I’m doing it.

It’s been a re-learning experience for me because all I’ve had to take care of as an adult has been cracker jack box sized condos and apartments. I feel all over place when cleaning this house. Schizophrenic, ADD, distracted, I would rather be on the internet, I still have to take phone calls from work while trying to get it done. All of this is very firstworldproblems and very white girl of me to talk about. But its been overwhelming and sometimes I’ve felt like I just can’t win. I’m a better employee than stay-at-home-person.

But as with work practice makes perfect. This house is a project when it comes to cleaning and to keep it at the standard that B expects. Because I’m not exactly good at this, here is what I’ve used to help me deal with a 6,000 sq. ft. house. I went to my favorite place, the internet. Turns out its very helpful. There are obsessive cleaners like my mother with their own websites and cleaning lists to help people like me out.

First, I consulted Martha Stewart. Her weekly and monthly lists are great.

I liked this deep cleaning list as well. It’s kind of intense, but so is B and this is what the job requires.

FlyLady’s commandments are good. But that site is a little over the top for me.

Meh, who am I? I even googled the best way to clean base boards. Might as well do it right.

A couple of other things I’ve learned.

The off brand weed killer is just as good as the super expensive RoundUp. I think the person at Home Depot was a little shocked when I was standing there saying “It’s not Prada. It’s weed killer. That price is ridiculous. What else is there?” It’s funny to me how branding and pricing and people’s stupidity happens in weed killer brands just like handbags.

Here is the $8 (on sale) off brand that has almost the same ingredients as the $75 bottle of RoundUp.

weed killer

I’ve talked before about my obsession with clean bathrooms. I might forget to dust the lampshades but I’m obsessed with clean grout.

Here are my recommendations.

shower supplies

The hard bristled brush works better than a toothbrush.

And since we can’t forget that I have a job/get dressed up most days and my love of fuchsia is immense here is a full-length of the J.Crew Bow Coat that I’m currently obsessed with. It was a Christmas present from my mom. It’s been a great addition to my fuchsia collection. I’ve received so many compliments. I really like fuchsia and statement coats over my relatively boring black & gray dresses, black opaque tights and black patent heels I live in.

bow coat

For me, trying to find a balance and doing these things well has been hard. But the lists are helping me stay focused and not forget little things. Some of this seems a little bit silly, but its part of my day to day life now. As a perfectionist in my work life I figured I might as well get good at this housekeeping project as well. No reason not too.

Now for a bit of blog housekeeping. I’m going through all of my old posts that go back to 2007 and making them public again. I was a very different person and looked very different back then. If you have any questions about the past please feel free to ask. I don’t mind. I’ve changed a lot and the past is just the past at this point. I really don’t care and have nothing to hide about it. But gah, I looked terrible.

Red lace, Holiday dressing and shopping my closet

I’ve gotten several invitations to Christmas parties that are work related and have been unsure what to wear. One party is a touch on the fancy side its been leaving me in a quandary. This season I’m not to keen to buy much since I’m doing things other than shopping at this time. But while perusing my closet I looked at this dress.

First time I wore it in Nashville in May.

My Kate Spade lace dress is from the summer and I feel it might be an option. Yes, technically, I bought it in the summer and wore it to a rehearsal dinner and a wedding already. But I love it and I believe if I wear it with black stockings, black patent heels and a black pashmina I can get away with it at a Christmas party. Or do the nude stockings and nude heels a la the Duchess.

I’m not a stalker. I swear.

Lace is so in right now for dresses. Personally, I love lace and would wear it all the time. Casual or dressy it just adds that touch of something extra that I like. We can thank the Duchess for the lace trend though and there are tons of options and price points to choose from for the Holidays. I did include a knock-off DVF below if you look closely because of the price. I also included a pretty lace blouse that would be pretty with tuxedo pants or just a black pencil skirt. And then since we repurpose everything, white jeans and espadrilles on the Fourth of July.

Style Crush – Poppy Delevingne

I love an ice princess. I also refer to these people as Alfred Hitchcock characters doomed to die but that’s for another time.

Currently, I love British It Girl Poppy Delevigne. So hot. So stylish. Ultra thin.

I’m sure she’s an Anna Wintour fantasy come true.

But her style is really where it’s at. And British cool can never be replicated State-side. Sadly.

You can follow her on twitter here.

And read more about her style in Vogue UK.

Don’t you just die?

I will never be an ice princess. As a brunette with ultra-pale skin there is only one thing I will be, A VAMPIRE. In name only of course.

LadyLike, Everyday

Disclaimer #1 the below post is a general what I like/live my life post. It doesn’t happen every day. Yesterday I wore Lululemon all day.

Disclaimer #2 the links below are provided by polyvore. To my knowledge there is no way for me to get compensated for the links. So shop away if you like something.

I post a lot of my everyday outfits on Twitter and usually get decent feedback. I also read a lot of personal style blogs that I don’t really find relatable. To many trends, relatable, not work appropriate or (sadly) age appropriate. Plus, I like my clothes to match.

My personal style tends towards heels and dresses. I realize that most people this is not how the average person dresses on a daily basis. But I’m a little bit more old school and probably belong in another decade. I like a ladylike and glam but not old lady. I like the hour glass shape and I really don’t mind showing it. And yes, I do think most people should make more of an effort but that’s just me.

However, some fashion people probably would think I’m boring since I really don’t wear trends.

So how do we translate this to everyday and comfort. And without spending an absolute fortune. I’m cheap but I would shop all the time if I could. Chalk that up to being a Gemini duality. I think you have to find the shapes and styles and budget that works for you. I don’t think a wardrobe has to constantly change, just updated. The styles you look good in aren’t going to change. Neither are the colors. None of this is stuff you haven’t heard before but do you actually practice responsible closet editing? Or are you all over the place with brands and looks and still have nothing to wear.

An Ideal Outfit in My World

Someone asked me a few months ago why I wear dresses all the time and look so dressed up. My response was because its easy. I don’t have to think. I don’t have to mix and match. I know the dress is going to look good whether dressy or casual. And its easy. Period.

Ladylike Black and Gold