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Personal Styling – Mama Social

I’ve done personal shopping and styling for people on and off for people for at least 12 years. It a hobby more than anything. But it can be fun. My best customer is my Mom though. I do most of her shopping and putting together her outfits for events. She’s got good taste so its not exactly hard.

She contacted me on Monday that she wanted me to go out with her and add some basics for to her wardrobe this weekend. There is the age issue now. Not dressing to young but still looking stylish since most people think she is ten years young than she is and she still wears a 6-8 which we can give her golf claps for accomplishing.

I was thinking about some items that might be added to her closet. I know she needs some new sweaters and flats. She’s got colored denim taken care of from earlier this year and would like to focus on fun slightly dressier looks to go with jeans. Her life revolves around family events, her farm and not work in an office anymore. Mom is conservative with a fun side.

I’ve begun looking around at sweaters for her and the flats she requested.

Here is an outfit I know she will like and be comfortable. She tends to like sparkly nails and to be able to use her Chanel collection when she is back in Atlanta so I included options I know she owns like the bag and the jeans.

(No payment is received if you click on a link.)

Styling for Mom

Blogger Link Up – Questions

I wanted to actually do this post in a timely manner. Even if it will lack pictures, video, etc.

Linking up to Shasta and Megan for these questions. I’m kind of excited about doing these since I lately my content hasn’t been very fun or frequent.

1) favorite beauty product of all time

The glycolic pads I buy from Derma-Luxe. If I didn’t use them I would still have problem skin.

2) what do you use on your hair

Not much. When I remember I use a keratase product after I get out of the shower. I’ve used Brilliant Brunette shampoo for years. I don’t really believe in expensive shampoo. A flat iron. I still need to learn how to use hot rollers.

3) complete skin care routine

Wash all the makeup of with a cleanser, glycolic pad, retin-a, cream, eye cream. Simple.

4) favorite handbag

I don’t use it to much. But its actually my LV speedy with the green trim and all the holes punched out of it. It was a special addition back in 2006 and it was the last bag my Dad every bought me.

5) one thing you would change about yourself

Teeth. I need to focus on whitening them.

6) one thing you like about yourself

EVERYTHING! I kid. I love my hair and I like being tall.

7) most memorable outfit of all time

One that I loved but didn’t get to wear much was this amazing dress from Jean Paul Gaultier I bought in college from Jeffrey. It was red and was made out of a sheer, mesh material. There was red embroidery all over the front. It came down to my knees and had this cool drape of material in the back around my knees. I wore a Vivienne Tam slip under it. It got damaged and was unrepairable. I just recently got rid of it. I kept it all these years because I liked to look at it.

8 ) which celeb closet you would like to raid

Love Rachel Zoe. Love Gwyneth. Love Kate Beckinsale’s event outfits. There are some fashion people I like as well.

9) describe your style in one word

Currently, back to the beginning. I like black, animal print, pink, white and khaki which are my true loves. I like glam, but I like little lace tops from Anthropologie as well. I’ve gotten rid of all the stuff I would consider “preppy”. I’m a Gemini so I always feel like I have two styles. One, is more glam and chic. The other is in jeans, heels, a little top and lots of vintage jewelry. Kind of updated 70s retro.

10) how/why did you start blogging

I started blogging at the beginning of 2007. I began reading blogs in 2006. My blog had a very different focus then. Hence, why you might not think the name makes much sense anymore.

Facebook – What Goes Around Comes Around

I saw this odd group yesterday and emailed my friend K about it.

“What is with the Support So and So X Group” I asked

K responded: “well, I’m not sure, but the rumor (as heard from P) is that she had some sort of run in with the law maybe over drugs or alcohol. Here’s the crazy part. R is now an assistant D.A. for Y county and she might be prosecuting the case. I think it also might have something to do with custody. The reason P thinks all of this is because she got a a facebook message from R saying that she was prosecuting one of our former classmates and if she thought about it she could probably guess who it was. Amazingly, one of So and So X’s good friends was Z who tormented R in high school. talk about revenge…”

And that is why you should teach your children not to be bullies. Especially when little girls in saddle oxfords grow up to be lawyers.

The Other “Leslie R’s” on Facebook

I was looking at people with the same name as me on Facebook. Seems as though we have small dogs, post annoying bikini pictures of ourselves, and one works at Hooters.

Good to know the other Leslie’s are so high class.