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Archive for the ‘events’ Category

Daytrippin – Southern Living Idea House in Senoia

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Southern Living Idea House down in Senoia, GA with my mom and sister. We had been looking forward to the trip for quite some time. One of the reasons for the trip is my mom is finishing the house on her farm in NC and its getting close to the time where furniture needs to be ordered and drapes made. The house in Senoia was sponsored by IKEA and Ballard Designs. So essentially the whole place was done on a budget and with furnishings that are accessible to the average person. I was very interested to see how the plan came to together since I’ve worked in design in my past lives. As an added bonus we knew the house would be decorated for Christmas and everyone wanted to see what the design team had come up with.

The following is a bit of a photo dump but it’s the details I found interesting and thought you might as well. I focused on the art work that was added to the house, the Christmas decorations and some decor details. You can view photos of the house on the Southern Living website and all the products are listed. It was nice to see the colors and the textures in real life. There was a lot more art that I didn’t take pictures of because honestly, I didn’t care for it.

I included my comments with each picture and why I was in interested in each item.

This is an October Magic Orchid Camelha. It makes me want to work to overcome my black thumb.

I really loved the mix of greenery in this large (1 of 2) potted plants on either side of the front entrance.

Burlap is such a trend. Hello, Pinterest! But these curtains framing the front door on the inside are actually quite elegant in this farmhouse. They are available to order on Ballard Design.

Not a great iphone pic but this is one of two pieces by this artist. I loved the glaze on it and how it had a bit of modernity to the sheep it depicted.

The dining room table decorated for Christmas. Nothing really mindblowing here but I thought you might be interested.

The main indoor Christmas tree.

I’m obsessed with the paint in this house. I love the grey-tinge the darker color has and then the checkerboard is fantastic.

Christmas tree on the back porch. It was dressed to take on the elements.

I want a fire pit. And thank goodness Mama Social is putting something similar in at her farm.

This is the second black and white piece that I love. The lone donkey standing in the road under the giant trees. So Savannah. So Southern.

Bird Art. It was appropriate for the room but not something I would buy.

My absolute favorite thing in the whole house is this hunting party painting. I want it. I need it. One day I will have something similar.

This the backside of one side of the barn-style sliding doors that are the doors to the guest room. They hang on an industrial style metal track. They are lovely. I’m trying to talk Mama into doing something similar in her downstairs guest room.

This mirror hangs in the guest room window from a leather strap over looking a section of yard. I’ve seen in design magazines mirrors hanging on top of other mirrors so this seems to be on trend, but with the farmhouse element of leather added. Sink is below.

Sister sitting in the Storselle chair from IKEA. Chair is surprisingly comfortable and fit perfectly into the upstairs landing where a sitting area is set up. Great price for rather decent design.

Check it out here.

Then this happened.


I like that Southern Living understands that its readers aren’t necessarily looking for high end interiors anymore. This isn’t a dream house. This is an idea house of products that you can incorporate easily and inexpensively into your own home. But I would have liked the Christmas decor to have a bit more oompf. It was worth the little day trip down to see the details and spend some time with my family.

Let me know what you think about the details and if you would rather see high end interiors or accessible and budget friendly.

Events – JLA Little Black Dress Event

It is has been another hectic week. Had a few bumps, but thankfully, today is Friday. It is very chilly here and I am looking forward to staying IN this weekend.

Last night, I did go out to the Little Black Dress event held at Belk for JLA. The store was closed down for private shopping for the members. Food was provided by Aquanox. And there was plenty of champagne.

A 20% of discount was offered throughout the store except for select merchandise. The select merchandise included anything I wanted such as Lacoste, Lilly and cosmetics.

I took my sister so she could more of a feel for a League event. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and hopes to join next fall.

The highlight of my night was getting for pieces of this past summer Lilly P. for $64. It was a savings of $352. I was just beyond thrilled. Now, if they would just mark the Fall merchandise down like that!

Events – High Arts Day

On Monday I played hooky from work with my Mom and Sister and we all went to High Arts Day.

The festivities started at 8 am with private shopping and breakfast at Bloomingdale’s. 10% of anything purchased went to the Museum.

Then we visited two homes in Buckhead that recently been renovated and had large art collections. They were very beautiful. One of the homes had recently been in House Beautiful. (I think that is the correct magazine.)

After that everyone went the Museum. The highlights included a silent auction, a 3 course lunch and a private viewing of the Chinese Warriors display that has just opened.

We were very excited to see the Warriors. But the show is much smaller than I thought it would be. But fascinating none the less.

My Mother got some great buys at the silent auction including a weekend at Barnsley Gardens. That was very exciting because she got a great deal.

The pictures in the tabblo aren’t the best. And I did not get a good shot of my new Rebecca Taylor ensemble.

But we had a lovely day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

One of the centerpieces up for bid … See my Tabblo>

Events and Travel

It has been very hectic here in the Social house. Mostly due to work but had a unexpected house guest for a week amongst other occurrences.

I did make that short trip to Sand Destin. Where I did nothing but run and cooked dinner one night.

We have been out a bit. One was to JLA Night for Fest of Ale at the Botanical Garden. That was a lovely night. Perfect weather and great beer.

We also attended the Dock Party to support Piedmont Park. That event was ok. Also, the first cold night we had really had.

Getting ready for additional house guests for this weekend from Florida. Everyone’s favorite holiday is Friday, so much is going on.

In the mean time, I am on a strict diet of lettuce and liquid to fit into my Halloween costume. But more on that later. :)

Drinking in Destin … See my Tabblo>

Events – Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is going to be at Jeffrey/Bob Ellis tomorrow for a couple of hours signing shoes.

I won’t be there. One, because I have to work. Two, because the one pair of shoes I bought that are his are the most painful shoes I have ever owned. IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

I love my Jimmy’s and can wear them for hours.

Weekend Recap – Harvest Midtown

Friday started with an after work social at our condo for E3′s work colleagues. They were drinking a homebrew provided by E3. The Hef was tasty but I was drinking Firefly Vodka and lemonade. Firefly Vodka is OK. It is not all that. But my friend and I decided that we did like it for a BBQ party or something of that vein.

Saturday started with yoga then Harvest Midtown. This event was even better than expected. We had some amazing wines and had some great foods to taste. My favorite was the lamb meatball with tzatziki sauce from Rathbun’s. As I have said, I love wine and went ahead and bought the VIP tickets. Money well spent. Seats inside at the bar of ENO. Croquet and oysters. So fun! Tasted some really special wines and champagne. And made friend’s with bartender/rep and got to take part in the last bottle of champagne of the event. We stayed for the whole event as did most people it seemed. We ended up buying a case of Pinot Noir for 20% off. If you know us, a bottle of this is your Christmas present. I was wearing my purple, halter, maxi dress for fall. Cheap, kept me cool and color-ific for fall. I totally recommend Harvest Midtown and can’t wait to go next year.

After the event, we walked home and I took a nap. Then headed back out to Top Flr to meet my friend J-. I heard a rumor that Top Flr is now the #3 wine bar in the US. Not sure if that is true, but if so, great. And in my neighborhood no less.

Sunday brought golf for E3 and volunteering at Project Open Hand for me. I have to tell you, it is never attractive to brag to your fellow volunteers about how much you volunteer and then are lazy and the slowest one there. Then proceed to tell me after I have congratulated you about how much you volunteer and mentioned to you that you can get national recognition and a letter from the President for that amount of volunteering, that “No, I don’t need any recognition from outside sources. I am here to save the world.” Um, pretentious and obviously in college much.

Anyhoo, off to Chattanooga and Nashville, then Destin at the end of the week. Check out the weekend pictures below.

Events – Harvest Midtown and Hotoberfest

Harvest Midtown and Hotoberfest are this weekend.

I am attending Harvest. Wine is one of my obsessions and I can walk to this event. Walking won out over microbrews.

Have decided not to attend the JLA Charity Ball. Just really don’t feel like it and have not had time to take the dress in to be altered. Hopefully, I will be able to do weekend recap tonight with pictures from Nashville and a couple of acquisitions for fall.

Events – Tibi Trunk Show at Tulipano

Tulipano is one of my favorite boutiques here in Atlanta. The ladies who own it are super sweet. They have already been kind enough to special order a lightweight, pink coat from Liquid for me this spring. (My old Banana Republic one was at death’s door.)

I will definitely be picking up a few items for my birthday trip tomorrow night. Then I am taking my friend R- out to dinner for her birthday since I can’t go to the birthday party on Saturday night. Should be a fun night.

Tibi Trunk Show
Thursday, April 3rd

Please join us for a trunk show featuring Tibi’s spring line!
Receive 20% off* all Tibi
and 15% off* your other purchases.

Enjoy cocktails and lite bites while you shop!

*Not valid with any other promotion. sale items not included. discount applied on 4/3/08 only.

Events – JLA Tour of Kitchens

I will be doing my 3 hour rotation this weekend at the Tour of Kitchens. Get info and tickets here.

It’s a great way to see some amazing kitchens and get ideas for your own renovation. All while supporting a fabulous organization, JLA.

Hope to see you out. Have an amazing weekend.

Baby Shower – Baby Alexandre

Here are pictures from the baby shower on Saturday. As I look at the pictures, it looks so simple and easy to put together. But as usual loads of time was used and emails sent deciding on recipes and decorations. Then the shopping, cooking, cleaning and decorating.

Remember how all those people were coming. Well 15 of them decided to not come the day of. HOW F*****G RUDE!!! Thankfully, I don’t know most of them because if I did, we would no longer be friends. But the friends of the couple who did show were nice enough and put a big dent in all the food we made. Plus, the bellini and bloody mary bar. The bar was definitely the best part. Ed drove in for Thanksgiving holiday and played bartender which is his usual spot. He makes the best bloody mary you will ever have.