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Making coffee

So the other day I made a pot of coffee. I don’t think I’ve made a pot of coffee in my adult life. I can make an impressive leg of lamb but coffee wasn’t on the menu. It wasn’t what I “did”. It wasn’t my “job”. I don’t know why. It was a bad habit. It was what my boyfriend now ex-husband did. It was his job. It quit being his job 4 years ago. Time flew by but I still wasn’t making coffee. What was I holding on too but another habit or comfort zone issue? I loathe comfort zone issues. Now I’m making coffee.

I’ve been playing this game lately of how frugal can I be. It’s not that I necessarily have too. I want too. I want to see if how little I can spend on food even though I eat mostly beans and vegetables. I want to see what really matters. Starbucks has been something I’ve held onto for years. It was my special thing that made me feel comfortable. If a girl doesn’t instagram her venti, non-fat, no whip mocha did it really happen?

I would never skimp on my skin care but I hate getting hair cuts. Such a waste. I love fashion and designers but I want it at a massive, eBay discount now. I would never buy cheap champagne, but Lord help anyone who takes away my PBR. I don’t know, lately, I’m just over so many things. I’m not interested in much but my career and my relationship. I’m not interested in the comparisons that I let make me feel bad in the past. I’m going to have to get a new car soon. That’s a study in how can I be comfortable but cheap at the same time? I want a BMW, I will probably get another Toyota but upgrade slightly.

I was reading my horoscope and Susan was right. My life is completely different than it was two years ago let alone four years. I made the changes. I woke up this week and just realized the coffee and the past are done. Finally.

I like who I am now. I’m really happy to say it.

5 Responses to “Making coffee”

  • I’m glad you’re happy, L! There’s nothing wrong with being a good steward of the money God has seen fit to give you. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  • Blondie, Esq.:

    Love this post. Definitely the best part about being in your 30s as a woman is being comfortable with who you are. xoxo.

  • Great post!!!! I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t spend on everything like I used to. I’ve found the things that matter, which is great. There isn’t a Starbucks here so I make my own coffee every day and I also don’t buy clothes nearly as much as I used to. I’d rather save money for things that I really want or need or even just save up for a vacation. And buying a car will definitely be interesting for you! I’m going to get a new one this summer and as much as I want an Audi SUV I’ve decided to be cheap and practical and get a Dodge truck which will better suit my current life. I think it’s great when you get to the point in your life where you are truly happy and find the things that matter most in your life rather than buying and spending purely for superficial reasons.

  • Angela:

    I have been on a shopping ban since OCTOBER (personal record). We are building a home and being budget minded. I’ll be honest it is KILLING me. We even sold my fully loaded (I mean EVERY option) BMW 5 Series that we special ordered in Germany, for the sake of being frugal (I only had it for a little over a year). We replaced the car with a budget and family friendly Mazda CX-9 crossover, with some upgrades like leather and backup cam, etc. I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life. To have a beautiful brand new home, being built the way we wanted it..a closet full of clothes, with tags still on them and designer handbags, etc…HOWEVER…I find myself almost getting angry when I pass someone in a BMW. I really liked the way I felt driving that car. I didn’t feel like a soccer Mom…does that make sense? Before that, I had a Land Rover LR3. I tasted caviar and now my tuna isn’t quite cutting it?!? I don’t know what my problem is…I need to get over myself and over materialism. Such an unattractive quality. I swear the Lord is going to strike me where I sit…but I’m being honest…and I’m hoping to get over myself and over my need for material things. PS..I’ve never been a Starbucks fan. Peets is where its at! ;-)

  • I am really happy to hear it. And to see a post from you sharing it with all of us!


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