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Archive for March, 2013

Karma: sometimes you win

A few years ago things were really hard for me and my mom. The economy totally changed and there was no more healthcare construction to be had. That is when I started my long, windy journey that I have documented mostly on twitter but some on this site. I went to see my mom last night for a couple of hours before my friend’s party and she told me a little story about how she is now benefitting from what was so bad before.

To give you some back story, my family was in healthcare construction my entire life. My parents made a lot of money at it and I didn’t do to bad myself. But construction is a tricky thing and sometimes you just get screwed. Over the many years our company booked a total loss of just over $400K. Sounds like a lot of money but in the grand scheme it wasn’t that much. Mom was always pissed about it and right there at the end when we were shutting things down we got screwed out of about $25k more. It was really debilitating to my self-esteem at the time, but there was nothing I could do. It would have cost me more money to sue and when I totaled up the possible lawyer’s fees it just wasn’t worth it. I, we, had to let the money go.

Anyway, mom was telling me last night how she had met with her financial planner again and how she was feeling vindicated just a little bit. Because of this past loss, her and my step-dad basically don’t have to pay taxes on all their investments for awhile. I guess there is some rule that makes this possible. (I’m a sales/marketing person. My accounting classes in grad school only counted for the tests.)

The only reason I write this slightly, boring story is because a lot of times things really suck and then someone how you still come out on top. Or rather, my mother always wins in the end. I’ve kept up with the people who screwed us years ago and they all got theirs. And not because I went out of my way to make something happen. But because eventually bad shit happens to bad people. You just have to be patient.

Are you my mom and the perils of not getting your Botox re-upped.

Yesterday I had to drive out to Lawrenceville to do a client’s intake and chat with a doctor. Not a big deal except for the traffic and this little event was going to make me late for class. Usually these things only take 30-45 minutes but this time the client’s husband was there and they had a lot of questions.

The client was only 2 months older than me from the information she provided and her husband was approximately the same age. At the end when I was trying to make my escape back to Atlanta the husband looked at his wife and said “Doesn’t she look just like Courtney’s mom?” The wife said “Yes she totally does!” The husband proceeded to ask me if I have family in Loganville, GA which randomly is where my sister lives but no, I’m not related to the people he was thinking of.

Now I’m almost 35 and still get carded on a regular basis but I scrutinize my face daily in the car while driving. Nothing shows all your flaws like the glaring sun. And in my mind I’m still 22 but with a lot more life experience. Truly, youth is wasted on the young. When this man said I looked like someone’s mom I was completely taken aback. Questions flew through my mind. Horrified questions. Who is this person? Why would I be their mom? I’m not old enough to have kids. I was standing there smiling but totally crying on the inside thinking how I need a peel and I need to freeze my face and how could I possibly look this old? Why God? Why?

Then I realized that Courtney is a friend of the couple’s daughter. And Courtney is 10 years old, not 20 like the nightmare that was going through my mind. I could have a 10 year old if things had been different. There are so many feelings I have about this and it was a bit of a rude awakening. (This rude awakening happens once a week but its rude every. single. time.) I know all of this. My friend’s are all having baby #2 right now. And I’m starting another business and finishing my MBA.

Am I ok with all of this? Am I going to regret it later? Do I care?


I laughed to myself when I realized they were referring to a kid. But really, f***, nonetheless.