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Recipes – Kicked Up Nachos and Pioneer Woman Brisket.

My contribution to the Super Bowl festivities included two tried and true recipes that I have used for parties through the years.

The first is Kicked Up, No Bake Nachos from Emeril. It’s a more intense queso recipe where Velveeta need not apply. Yesterday it ended up being eaten straight from the pot. Whatever works.

Then I used Pioneer Woman’s Brisket that is also always a hit. I highly recommend this recipe because it’s really hard to screw up. The time is always dead on depending on the amount of meat you are cooking. Another highlight of the meal is that it’s inexpensive to make and feeds a crowd.

My sister brought pico de gallo and she made jalapeno poppers. I loved the pico.

I didn’t take any pictures of yesterday except of the meat. I really don’t know what I was thinking. Somewhere I decided it would be a good idea to post pictures of what it is like to buy an untrimmed brisket from Wal-mart and what its like to trim and break it down after you cook it.

Yeah, no. When I came to my senses today I realized the post would be more Walking Dead worthy than pretty and attractive. And no body wants bloody gore on a Monday afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon it had finally come to that point where I was through with my to-do list and felt it was time to open the champagne. That pop of the cork coming out is one of my favorite sounds in the world. After I poured myself a glass I went back upstairs to finish my makeup. This is when I realized I had forgotten to clean the tile in the shower for the week.

I felt a lot like this when I was on my hands and knees scrubbing except without the helpful mice. Those mice needed to refill my champagne glass sitting on the counter.

One Response to “Recipes – Kicked Up Nachos and Pioneer Woman Brisket.”

  • I hope birds help you get dressed in the AM, too!

    PS gore-y photos of meat are good if clueless cooks (IMHO not me) need instruction.

    PSS: thank you for not cooking with Velveeta. that stuff is disgusting.

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