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OOTD: J Brand, animal print and red

First, I can’t win with this blog. Either the photos are to small or they are to big. Argh!!!!

Second, yesterday I thought my hair looked good. Clearly it was like when Giuliana or Joan on Fashion Police say that a celebrity’s dress looked amazing in real life but in a photo the person is now nominated for Worst Dressed. Ahem, see my hair below.

I was all over my outfit yesterday since I only had to drop paper work off and don’t have to make calls till tomorrow.

My jeans are replacement J Brand Lovestory jeans since my old pair bit the dust. This pair was much more reasonably priced than the original pair. I think with shipping I paid $30 via eBay. Definitely a check in the win category. However, J Brand is not a brand I recommend buying on eBay unless you really and truly know your size. That brand is all over the place. Sometimes its big, sometimes its small, sometimes I wonder if it’s just mismarked. This time I lucked out.

Sweaters is an old, cashmere, cowl-neck I got a few years ago from Intermix and the light weight coat is Elizabeth & James like in a previous post.

Shoes are super tall, lipstick red Kate Spade. Bag is my trusty Goyard.

I felt somewhat Ali MacGraw somewhat ready to hit Studio 54.

Honestly, I wish I could dress in theme every day. It would be so much more fun.

Lol and photo is via the Neiman Marcus bathroom.


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