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Outfit for Work – Kate Spade, YSL and a Princess Leia bouffant bun

Here is what I wore to work yesterday. Kate Spade dress and the trusty Karolina heels. The scarf is old J.Crew. In the past I wear the dress with several long, J.Crew outlet pearl and gold necklaces and some Kate Spade sparkles studs. I like the dress. It’s basic but has a bit of pop. I felt the crazy, cinnamon roll hair was ok because it wasn’t on top of my head like a satellite. It was in a more normal spot on my head but not wound up tight like a librarian. Then I was carrying my YSL animal print bag from Christmas. It’s been so cold and my regular coat won’t do. I was wearing my knee-length North Face coat outside. It’s just like wearing a sleeping bag and I love it.

Front red

side red

I sometimes, no, a lot of the time struggle with what to wear and what is appropriate. I think it’s because of my age and where I’m at in life. I work in a conservative environment. But essentially, I’m the “creative”. People would rather see me looking pretty but appropriate. People find these pops of color approachable. They like to see a fun bag. But nothing in their face. The YSL is a touch loud but animal print in moderation is appropriate in my opinion. It’s not like it’s a dress. Since owning that bag I’ve felt a bit like a pregnant person who complains about strangers touching their belly. Strangers come up to me and want to PET MY BAG. It’s frightening and creepy.

As I’ve said before I don’t wear pants to often and I certainly don’t wear pant suits. So unapproachable. So boring. My thoughts about work clothes and age appropriate clothes are vast. I could write a thesis about this topic. Maybe I put to much effort into the process? But I think its more about a whole package when you do what I do. I’ve found that these pops of color open the door to the knowledge and the relationship building I bring to the table. Human nature is a funny thing.

The last couple of days have been a big mountain to climb with some success at the end yesterday. Maybe it’s all just in my mind but when I feel good about the outfit I’m wearing I feel more prepared to get the job done. As a person who loves fashion and clothes it’s just always something I think about. The issue is almost, how to be memorable, but not. The clothes don’t wear you, you wear the clothes.

I don’t think I’m totally getting my point across, but I am trying to open up a bit of discussion. What makes you feel good when you go to work? What is your favorite outfit for presentations? What do you think is appropriate? And by that I mean the look, the price, the brand. And even though I’m not a parent, how do you balance your work wardrobe with your mom wardrobe if that is an issue for you. My mom was always dressed up when we were kids so there was no issue.

Twitter might have been a better forum, but I’m trying people! Deep thoughts about clothes over here. :)

4 Responses to “Outfit for Work – Kate Spade, YSL and a Princess Leia bouffant bun”

  • I totally agree with you — color/prints are approachable. I work at a tech startup but in a client service function, so approachability is key.

  • SBCVandy:

    For me working in a university science lab it’s totally different end of the spectrum. Jeans/cords/chinos are the expected. I used to dress up more, but getting random holes in clothes from chemicals, etc. put an end to that quickly. Some people still roll in wearing character tees but I try hard to at least wear nice pants and a sweater most of the time. If I do end up out in industry someday, it’ll be a major change to wear heels on a regular basis

  • Blondie, Esq.:

    I love this dress! I don’t own any DVF but you are inspiring me to look into it. :)

    I rarely ever wear pants to work either (usually jeans if it’s a really casual day). If I’m in court or at a more formal meeting, I wear a suit with either a skirt or a dress. My “business casual” consists of skirts or dresses too. I always feel more comfortable being “over” dressed than erring on the side of too casual. I agree with you on bright colors and prints too, I try to use these to make the professional looks more fun. I definitely put a lot of thought into how I present myself at work. Like it or not, litigation is a boys club and women are judged by how we look.

  • “Strangers come up to me and want to PET MY BAG.” – you sound like me and my fur coat. I often wish I had a protective cone so people could back the hell off!

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