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More Fuchsia and Diet Updates

Turns out this week really is FUCHSIA WEEK in my world. I think I’m the only participant but you know pink makes me happy.

snake dvf

I’ve posted this dress on Instagram before but here it is again. DVF wrap via eBay. Nothing better.

Personally, I love the fact that this dress is a snake print. It makes me want to only listen to Poison, Motley Crue and Guns N’ Roses when I wear it. Hair bands forever.

Next up, I’ve been much better about sticking to the anti-inflammatory diet that was prescribed for me since the holidays are over. I wasn’t particularly bad over the holidays with eating, but there were many bites of this and that taken and much champagne was drunk.

I’ll be perfectly honest, it’s super hard to stick with this lifestyle diet and not get distracted by entire food world. Plus, I rarely eat fish so day-to-day the goal is to eat vegan meals. I’m definitely not perfect. I’m still eating MorningStar Grillers which are a soy product. Soy isn’t part of the plan either. So hard since I grew up eating soy products and they are like crack for me.

As with anything, it’s just one day at a time. I feel so much better when I stick with it. No bloating, no creaky bones, less issues with insomnia. Therefore, I have to ask myself daily “will that make you feel good if you eat it or are you eating out of emotion?” Personally, if I could just douse everything in Caesar dressing with a giant bread basket w/ butter as a side I would be emotionally happy. But physically I would feel like crap again. So, no. No to the bread basket. Cue to tears and stomping of feet. This issue leads to what happens physically as you get older and all I have to say to that is Woof.

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