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In My Opinion – Priorities

I’m guilty of making fun of people who craft.
I’m guilty of eating to much butter and drinking to many cocktails. Then blaming my weight gain on my schedule when it was my own laziness and poor choices that got me there.
I’m guilty of snark.
I’m guilty of judging others life choices.
I’m guilty of jealousy. This only lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction of myself.

I’m guilty of a multitude of sins that are only negative and only hurt me in the long run.

I’m not perfect and I fall down everyday.

But I’ll tell you this. The minute I started putting holding myself accountable for my own stuff, being happy for others, and focusing on my health was the minute that everything started getting better.

It was the minute my priorities changed. And it was when I started to be able to deal with the stress of everyday life so much easier. And somehow I got all crafty. Weird.

My life choices are mine and your life choices are yours. Period. The end.

*I reserve the right to judge unmatched clothes on personal style blogs*

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