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Play Date with my Sister

Last Friday I had scheduled to go to lunch and Pure Barre with my sister. But I had an emergency with work and ended up only being able to go to lunch and Hobby Lobby. Neither of us had ever been exposed to the joys of Hobby Lobby till the past couple of weeks and now we are OBSESSED. Like want to roll around in glitter and tie giant bows around ourselves love it.

We are both in suburbs more often than not now, so the restaurant options are limited. But there is a really good Greek dive near the house that I enjoy and she loved too.

Spanakopita FTW

Then it was off to Hobby Lobby and contemplating wrapping paper and glue guns.

I found this ridiculous mirror. It would be so fun in a certain tween’s bedroom don’t you think?

Slightly over the top and tacky but the Dolly Parton in me loves it.

I’m wearing a J.Crew skirt that I had taken in to fit. I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere and I wear it all the time. If you wanted your own here is a Factory option available on eBay.

The Hobby Lobby purchases were wrapping paper and bows to wrap presents for B’s twin nieces and his brother.

So cute. Nothing better than a Tiffany bow to finish off a gift.

I think the birthday tags are to cute.

I still worked sparkle into the bow for this guy’s gift.

It was so fun giving the gifts. Honestly, I think they liked the wrapping better than what was inside the boxes.

We had so much fun during those couple of hours. We are going to Pure Barre together on Friday and then lunch at our Mom’s so definitely looking forward to another adult playdate.

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