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Cocktail Culture – Election Night 2012 Nibbles

Last night I was so nervous about what the outcome of the election was going to be. I was running around the house vacuuming and reorganizing shelves. Then I chopped this giant vegetable tray. It will last a few days. We go through a lot of raw veggies in this house.

Rabbit Food

And then I drank all of this while waiting for B to come home from a meeting. I have around 5 Pinot Noir options that any grocery store carries that I like and can pick up on a whim. Kendall Jackson is one of them.


When B finally got home I made him a plate with provolone, black and green olives and some prosciutto. Oh, and pepperoncini peppers. I find that having the chopped vegetables, etc and being able to make an American-style antipasti type dinner can be really helpful. Especially when no one wants to cook or eat a full plate of food but instead graze and chat.

I had been eating my own personal crack aka Kettle chips earlier so today I have all the food guilt but whatever. Just like elections, you win some you lose some with diet.

3 Responses to “Cocktail Culture – Election Night 2012 Nibbles”

  • Christina:

    I’d like to say I didn’t drink last night, but that’d be a lie. I’d also like to say I didn’t eat everything I could get my hands on, but that’d be a lie, too. Yay Election nights!

  • I definitely drank almost an entire bottle of white wine on Tuesday PM. The election was super stressful. Yuck.

  • i am interested in your 5 pinot noir grocery store options. i typically reach for the robert mondavi, or the cheaper woodbridge by robert mondavi version. i will have to give KJ a whirl. if i’m celebrating or taking as a gift, francis coppola.

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