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Three Things I’m Using Right Now

I found another low-cal soup that you have to try. This the Latin Style Black Bean from Trader Joes. It’s spicy and really tasty. I think its probably my favorite black bean soup out there.

So spicy. I bet it would be good with some chopped tomatoes.

A newsstand copy of Vanity Fair. I don’t begin to read the amount of magazines I used too. Even Vogue is dead to me except online. But I love Vanity Fair and Town & Country in paper form. It doesn’t hurt that beautiful people (aka my third ex-husband) are on the cover.

Can’t wait to see SkyFall this weekend.

My whole life I’ve had access to canned green beans via my grandmother. But now that my mom has her farm in North Carolina she’s my new “green bean dealer.” Trust, these people are stingy with their quarts of green beans. I’ve broke many a bean in my life but I’ve never actually gone through the arduous canning processes. The ladies in my family have been know to put away as many as 100 quarts of various produce at a time. Woof!

And to tell you how stingy they are and how much they know I covet my beloved beans, it has happened that in my pile at Christmas there are quarts of beans beside my Kiehl’s products. Yeah, it’s like that.

Mama Style

It’s gotten cold here in Atlanta so I’m definitely enjoying my hot soups and looking at Daniel Craig right now.

2 Responses to “Three Things I’m Using Right Now”

  • I told J we need a babysitter so we can see Sky fall!

  • Let me know if that Trader Joe’s soup is good. I am always looking for things like that to have at work on a running-late, too busy to buy lunch kind of day.

    Also, “Trust, these people are stingy with their quarts of green beans” – yes xInfinity with my family. Pepper, green beans, apple butter, etc.

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