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Archive for January, 2012

Blogger Link Up – Questions

I wanted to actually do this post in a timely manner. Even if it will lack pictures, video, etc.

Linking up to Shasta and Megan for these questions. I’m kind of excited about doing these since I lately my content hasn’t been very fun or frequent.

1) favorite beauty product of all time

The glycolic pads I buy from Derma-Luxe. If I didn’t use them I would still have problem skin.

2) what do you use on your hair

Not much. When I remember I use a keratase product after I get out of the shower. I’ve used Brilliant Brunette shampoo for years. I don’t really believe in expensive shampoo. A flat iron. I still need to learn how to use hot rollers.

3) complete skin care routine

Wash all the makeup of with a cleanser, glycolic pad, retin-a, cream, eye cream. Simple.

4) favorite handbag

I don’t use it to much. But its actually my LV speedy with the green trim and all the holes punched out of it. It was a special addition back in 2006 and it was the last bag my Dad every bought me.

5) one thing you would change about yourself

Teeth. I need to focus on whitening them.

6) one thing you like about yourself

EVERYTHING! I kid. I love my hair and I like being tall.

7) most memorable outfit of all time

One that I loved but didn’t get to wear much was this amazing dress from Jean Paul Gaultier I bought in college from Jeffrey. It was red and was made out of a sheer, mesh material. There was red embroidery all over the front. It came down to my knees and had this cool drape of material in the back around my knees. I wore a Vivienne Tam slip under it. It got damaged and was unrepairable. I just recently got rid of it. I kept it all these years because I liked to look at it.

8 ) which celeb closet you would like to raid

Love Rachel Zoe. Love Gwyneth. Love Kate Beckinsale’s event outfits. There are some fashion people I like as well.

9) describe your style in one word

Currently, back to the beginning. I like black, animal print, pink, white and khaki which are my true loves. I like glam, but I like little lace tops from Anthropologie as well. I’ve gotten rid of all the stuff I would consider “preppy”. I’m a Gemini so I always feel like I have two styles. One, is more glam and chic. The other is in jeans, heels, a little top and lots of vintage jewelry. Kind of updated 70s retro.

10) how/why did you start blogging

I started blogging at the beginning of 2007. I began reading blogs in 2006. My blog had a very different focus then. Hence, why you might not think the name makes much sense anymore.

Dealing with STUFF

Last year when I moved back from Macon I tweeted about all the stuff I was getting rid of and how I could probably just get rid of everything except my clothes, my laptop and add an ipad. Now, 11 months later, I’m moving again and that is all I’m taking. The ipad has been added because I have one for school. Technically, I’m not going far. I’m going to temporarily live with a friend. She wins because I can help her with all her house projects and I win because I don’t have to get a new lease till the end of the semester. And I have some job interviews upcoming that would take me to other parts of the metro area if I got any of them. Signing a lease was just not something I wanted to do right now.

The last bit of stuff I have is going into storage. I had wanted to sell the bedroom furniture but got talked out of it. I got rid of most of my books except the important ones and then I have a few keepsakes and some expensive kitchen items. I have very little in the form of stuff anymore. I was talking to one of my internet friends last night via twitter DM about stuff and being satisfied with what you have. I used to have a lot of stuff. I had clothes, books, kitchen items, dvds, etc. coming out of ears. I was attached to so much of it. I had furniture and anything I could possibly want. I wouldn’t get rid of anything because I would say, “No, I might need it.” And that day never came. Over the last few years I have slowly weaned myself off of stuff. I sold it or donated it. I wanted to see what I actually used and even more so what I actually LIKED. A lot of it I didn’t even like.

Stuff is fun. Stuff is pretty. Stuff makes you feel good. I had a shopping addiction when I was married. My sister put it best when she said I wasn’t getting what I needed at home so I went shopping to feel better. Now I still love my YSL bags and a good pair of J Brand jeans. The change that I was looking for and did occur was finally coming to terms with not needing the stuff to make me happy. Shopping and stuff was another major addiction for me to overcome. And to be honest, it has been the hardest one to deal with.

I’m good at selling stuff to other people. I know how to get in your brain and make you justify it. As a society we crave stuff. It makes us feel like we belong. I write papers in grad school about how to get customers to buy more stuff. Ugh, ALWAYS IN MY FACE. For me to no longer rely on it and to have a different comfort zone of about stuff and what I find acceptable it is a weird place to be in and it creeps people out.

Stuff is a choice. Do you want to look like everyone else and wear TB shoes and carry an LV Neverfull? Or do you want to wear a mix of designers and off brands that don’t make you look like a Stepford Wife? I will say its been fun to redo my clothes since I lost weight. I’ve gotten to change everything and be different on the outside as well as the inside. But its been in moderation. I have wondered if I would ever go back to buying a lot of stuff like before. Before I made 6 figures, now I don’t. That day will come again. But I don’t think the stuff will. I hope not at least. I think and feel the stuff is just a constant battle like anything else. Choosing to eat healthy, choosing to not be a drug addict, choosing to not be an alcoholic. I choose to be free of all of it.

*as always these are my opinions, thoughts, feelings and experiences. i’m not perfect and fall off the wagon sometimes. i reserve the right to change again.*

Goals and Projects 2012

Well, we are half way through January and I’m just doing a post. I would like to post more but when I start to write all of my pent up “stuff” starts to come out. I’ll be honest I probably still need some therapy and I doubt y’all want to be it.

Back to my goals and projects. I don’t have resolutions instead I was always taught to make goals then make a plan of how to achieve it.

1) The right job. I’m not going to beat this dead horse anymore. I have faith I am doing everything I can to get it and it will come.

2) My goal is to graduate my MBA program next year with a 3.75+. My GPA needs some work but this is manageable.

3) Maintain my weight loss and lose 5 more pounds. I’ve been holding steady at 145 and need to get on that last bit. (Remember, I’m 5’9 so I get to weigh more.)

4) Super fit. This means defined arms and a tight stomach. My end date for this is June 1.

5) Run a half marathon. I’m training but slowly. I could probably go run it now. But I my ideal is 1.30 -1.45 hours. Not sure what is actually doable. I will run the half in the fall of this year.

6) My big “crafty” project for the year is to learn to knit and learn to knit well. My first class was yesterday. My second class is tomorrow. When I made cooking a project years a go I spent a year cooking Barefoot Contessa, Emeril Lagasse, Paula Deen, and pretty much anything else I could find. I could cook before but I couldn’t cook quickly, know how to alter a recipe or smoothly cook for a crowd. By the end of the year I could.

Knitting, I plan to make my mom a throw for her bedroom. That’s the big project/request after I master the scarves. :)

7) Re-engage in volunteering. I physically and mentally have not been up for it last year. But I’m ready to begin again. I had to take care of myself last year.

8 ) I’m moving again to a temporary location. I’ve been fine moving regularly over the last couple of years. By the end of this year I will have a permanent location and I will have bought furniture again. I’m ready to settle down.

This isn’t really a goal but for me its something I have to think about every day. Trusting in the Lord, not getting down and pressing forward. I have felt like I’m on the brink for so many years now and sometimes its to much to take. I remember when I would say the Lord’s Pray with my Dad when he was dying. I know that I have not come this far to fail now. I know that God is here with me. I know that this to shall pass. I think my biggest issue is not questioning and doing everything in my power to follow his path and be positive. God helps those who help themselves.

That’s what I’m planning for the year. Who knows what will happen and how the plan will be altered but I’m sure it will be interesting as always. You know how I love a good story and this year is sure to bring many more.