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Archive for August, 2011

Grad School Update and Other Goals, Thoughts

I got the email earlier today that my loans for grad school have gone thru. No one likes to take on loans but these are a necessary evil. Getting my MBA has been a 10 year dream of mine and it is finally happening. Lots of work and studying, but it going to be totally worth it.

I am in a prep class this week to prepare for the first accounting class. I took accounting in undergrad but have a lot of anxiety about it and this is already helping. Hopefully.

Also, I have anxiety about grades because in undergrad I did as little as possible to graduate. I don’t have a clear memory of undergrad anyway but this time my goal is to come out at the top. In undergrad I did not buy the books half the time and still passed so who knows what I could have done if I actually made an effort. My mom still rants about this fact.

Anyway, my next main goal is to finish my weight loss. My mom saw me the other day and thought I did not need to loose any more weight. This is ridiculous. I have not reached a size 4 yet and still have some items in my closet that I have hung on to thru the years that I still can’t comfortably wear. So I will continue on the WW train and make this happen.

Next, I am waiting to hear back about some fun employment. Something part time that is fun, where I don’t have to be on call for the first time in my adult life and where I can just focus on school. Hopefully, I don’t have to start looking for full time till the beginning of next year.

I have a new idea about a large company I might want to work for. A company that I have not thought of before but I love their product and their US headquarters is in Atlanta. My boyfriend and mother both thought this idea was rather ingenious so we will see. I am going to have my meeting with the career counselors before I start pursuing any job including this possibility. I don’t want to make another mistake.

Going to my gym tonight for the first time before I got sick. Scary. I have lost so much strength in the past month. Woof! is an understatement. But spinning here I come.

It’s so effing hot I could die. I hate the sun.

Finally, a fashion quandry. I was going to get the green DVF Maja dress when it first came out. I love(d) it. But then Duchess Catherine has worn it twice. Even though I love it I feel like I can’t get it because it is so recognizable now. And no matter how much I love following Duchess Catherine I am really uninterested for people to think I am copying her. Total white girl problem but still its an issue! :)

I am looking forward to my friend’s baby’s first birthday party. One, because I love her and her baby. Two, because it will be at her mom’s house which is so fabulously decorated I could DIE (again). So delicious.

Anyway, that’s my latest stream of consciousness.