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Archive for June, 2009

What I Have Been Up To

* Starting to close down my family’s business. My mom does not want to do it any more. Would prefer to take her money and do something else

* Picking a new career

* Work, work, work

* The pool

* Looking for a job

* Picking and moving to a new city

* Going Out

* Getting over a total pathological liar, douchebag

* Directing day laborers where to put the material because the installer did not show

* Dealing with crazy people

* Buying hot rollers

* Going up, down and around Stone Mountain on Sunday mornings WAY EARLY

* Having the most fun I have had in years

And I can not tell you how good it was to be told that I did not seem bitter, I look better than ever and that they could see the love in my eyes.

Because it is true. I believe in true love still.

21 Positives about Me

My friend made me write down 21 positives about myself today. She made me due this because I have had a not great day and her friend did this to her when she broke off her engagement a few years ago. Some of these she wrote down because I just could not think up enough.

Some of these are totally superficial and some are serious.

Here we go.

1. I can cook.

2. I am resilient.

3. I am creative.

4. Great at crisis management.

5. Good communicator.

6. I am a loyal friend.

7. I throw GREAT parties.

8. I am funny.

9. I have a great laugh.

10. I am TOTALLY HOT! (She wrote that one.)

11. I give back to society.

12. I have beautiful eyes.

13. I am great kisser.

14. I have options.

15. I see things through.

16. I am intelligent.

17. I am socially capable.

18. I am healthy.

19. I have good hair.

20. I am adventurous.

21. I have good taste. (clothes, art, food, locatios, music, furniture, friends, books.)

J. felt I should go ahead and put the list up online and carry it around with me. She said it will help get me over “being a broken record.” I can see that. Gotta push forward.

I have some ideas and am hatching new plans. I guess, this is where this blog is going. You are getting to watch someone restart their life. No weddings, no babies.

Just press restart.

Doors Closing

There is another huge change happening in my life. Really puts a dead stop on things. Not really sure what to make of it. I just know that it is another curve ball. One of many.

It is very hard to express how I feel about all of this. Especially on a blog that was only supposed to be FUN.

Thinking I need to reassess what I want out of life.

Now there will be no one asking anything of me. No over commitment. No whining. It will all be over.

And I am ok with that.

But here I am starting over again.

At 31.

I went to see my Dad at the cemetary last week. To “make sure it was all ok”. It seems like it is. I think he would say I am doing the right thing.

But it is weird and hard and unbelievable all at the same time.

My Dad used to say “Leslie, make sure you live a life less ordinary. Don’t pick normal.” I guess, for the most part I have.

I am scared because my puzzle keeps having more pieces to put together.

But I guess the quote is true about life is 80% showing up. That is all I can do in the end.

I want to curse, but I quit. :)

Cursing – Turns Out I am NOT Perfect

I like to think of myself as a nice Southern Girl. I have all the qualities. Or at least that is what they tell me. Except for one thing…, the trucker/sailor/dirty mouth that I have had for years. I like to think to myself on many occasions “What would Jackie do?” She has always been my favorite. And between you and me, I HIGHLY doubt Jackie O. ever let loose the stream of expletives that comes out of my mouth on a minute to minute to basis. This is not your basic “D**n It.” This is as crass, dirty and foul as you can imagine.

Well, something over the weekend happened where this language was really to much. Yes, I was nervous. And it gets worse when I am nervous. But was it necessary? No.

So today I made a pact with my friend to stop cursing. She is seeing someone new who does not curse. He also has a child. And they are headed down engagement road. The cursing needs to go.

My work is not an excuse anymore. I need to clean up my act and my mouth and be the Lady I know most people think I am. Until they hear my mouth.

The mission is on. No more cursing.

And just to tell you how hard it is. It is worse than quitting caffeine.

This is just one of many negative things I am trying to rid my life off.

Wish me luck. :)