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Archive for November, 2008

Holidays – Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you have a lovely holiday.

E3 and I are leaving for a much needed break. To Las Vegas. I know, kind of odd, but that is where we are going.

See you next week.



Holidays – The Joys of the Atlanta Airport

The Atlanta airport is one of my least favorite places in the world. And I am there rather often. It never ceases to amaze me how people still do not understand the security rules and are oblivious to their fellow passengers that are WAITING for them to MOVE.

Below is an article from MSNBC regarding the new lanes to be aware of. And seriously, if you are not an expert don’t get in the expert lanes.

Atlanta airport adds new security lanes, signage
TSA unveils signs directing passengers to lanes that best fit their needs
The Associated Press
updated 3:36 p.m. ET, Tues., Oct. 28, 2008
ATLANTA – Ten new security lanes to speed up the security screening process have been added at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport as part of a nearly $26 million customer service investment at the world’s busiest airport.

Four of the new lanes are in the South terminal and the remaining six new lanes are in the North terminal. The additions bring the total number of security lanes to 32.

The notion of separate lines for different types of fliers isn’t a new one for the TSA. The agency has been experimenting with them for several months, and with good results.

By the end of October, the TSA will have self-select lanes operating in 46 airports across the nation.

“Everyday, approximately 300,00 passengers use self-select lanes, and that’s equal to about 15 percent of the entire traveling public,” TSA spokesperson Lara Uselding said.

“Program-wide, the expert lanes have seen an average 21 percent increase in throughput, while the alarm rates for the family lanes are down an average of 11 percent,” she added.

The lanes — Expert, Casual and Family/Special Assistance — direct fliers based on their needs and knowledge.

“Thanks to these new lanes, we will be able to further reduce the time it takes for our customers to make their way through the security screening process,” airport general manager Ben DeCosta told a news conference Tuesday.

The airport aims for security checkpoint wait times that never exceed 20 minutes and tries to keep the average wait down to between five and 10 minutes, he said. He noted that during the busiest period this summer, the airport managed to reduce the number of wait times exceeding 20 minutes by almost 90 percent as compared to last year.

A new sign system directing passengers to the airport’s security lanes based on their level of air travel experience is also in place, said Transportation Safety Administration central area director Gerald Chapman.

The new signs are similar to those on a ski slope: black diamonds for expert, elite or frequent business fliers; blue squares for casual travelers who may have carryons but who have a basic understanding of security rules; and green circles for passengers with young children or who have special needs. The airport also has premium passenger lanes for certain airline customers, DeCosta said.

Chapman said 45 other airports have already implemented the new signs and have seen a decrease in wait times and alarm rates.

“The ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, allowing passengers to select the lanes of their needs and according to their experience and also to enhance our security,” Chapman said.

U.S Customs and Border Protection is now offering its Global Entry Program at Hartsfield-Jackson for select U.S. citizens and U.S. lawful permanent residents who are at least 14 years old. The program grants participants the convenience of prescreening and exemption from routine questioning to expedite their entry into the U.S.

The voluntary program, which requires an enrollment fee, allows registered participants to use a self-service kiosk to report their arrival, scan their passport or permanent residency card, submit their fingerprints for biometric verification, and make a CBP declaration at the touch-screen kiosk. The kiosk then takes a digital photograph of the traveler as part of the transaction record, issues a receipt and directs the traveler to baggage claim and the exit. Global Entry participants may still be selected randomly by CBP officers for additional screening at any time in the process.

Hartsfield-Jackson is the world’s busiest airport, with more than 89 million passengers passing through annually.

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines Inc. and AirTran Airways, a unit of Orlando, Fla.-based AirTran Holdings Inc., have their main hubs in Atlanta.

© 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
URL: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27418008/

MSN Privacy . Legal
© 2008 MSNBC.com

Events – JLA Little Black Dress Event

It is has been another hectic week. Had a few bumps, but thankfully, today is Friday. It is very chilly here and I am looking forward to staying IN this weekend.

Last night, I did go out to the Little Black Dress event held at Belk for JLA. The store was closed down for private shopping for the members. Food was provided by Aquanox. And there was plenty of champagne.

A 20% of discount was offered throughout the store except for select merchandise. The select merchandise included anything I wanted such as Lacoste, Lilly and cosmetics.

I took my sister so she could more of a feel for a League event. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and hopes to join next fall.

The highlight of my night was getting for pieces of this past summer Lilly P. for $64. It was a savings of $352. I was just beyond thrilled. Now, if they would just mark the Fall merchandise down like that!

Events – High Arts Day

On Monday I played hooky from work with my Mom and Sister and we all went to High Arts Day.

The festivities started at 8 am with private shopping and breakfast at Bloomingdale’s. 10% of anything purchased went to the Museum.

Then we visited two homes in Buckhead that recently been renovated and had large art collections. They were very beautiful. One of the homes had recently been in House Beautiful. (I think that is the correct magazine.)

After that everyone went the Museum. The highlights included a silent auction, a 3 course lunch and a private viewing of the Chinese Warriors display that has just opened.

We were very excited to see the Warriors. But the show is much smaller than I thought it would be. But fascinating none the less.

My Mother got some great buys at the silent auction including a weekend at Barnsley Gardens. That was very exciting because she got a great deal.

The pictures in the tabblo aren’t the best. And I did not get a good shot of my new Rebecca Taylor ensemble.

But we had a lovely day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

One of the centerpieces up for bid … See my Tabblo>

Advice: Don’t Watch Them All Back to Back

My husband has been out of town since last Thursday. He returns tomorrow. But I learned a couple of things this weekend due to his absence.

Rathbun’s Steak is still one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. My friend R- and I sat at the bar for 2-1/2 hours on Friday chatting and having cocktails. It was great.

All of my “going out” tops, with the exception of one, require a husband there to zip, button, unzip, etc. Needless to say, I had a fashion emergency.

Cable can be my downfall when alone. I don’t watch that much tv, but this past weekend I made up for it. Every girl movie ever made was on. These included: Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Steel Magnolias, Sweet Home Alabama, The Breakup and The Notebook.

How much time do you think I spent crying this weekend?

If you guessed ALOT, you would be right.

Sometimes You See Someone on the D-List

Today I went to work and ultimately left due to not having all the info I needed to complete my latest little project. I decided to go look at over-priced things at the mall and think about what I might buy in a couple of months. I headed on over to Phipps and trolled around Barney’s Co-op and Saks. At Barney’s I learned that even though I am told that I have great legs J-Brand skinny jeans are NEVER going to happen. EVER. Seems as though I have larger calves than the designers at J.Brand deemed necessary to fit into the skinny jeans. This is disconcerting.

But I digress. Headed on over to one of my favorite stores Intermix. They did not really have anything interesting, but GUESS WHO I SAW?!?!?!?!

Sheree from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I think she even had one of her minions with her. Anyway, I had to quickly leave the store due to starting to giggle for no apparent reason. And to send texts to everyone I know.

Someone Actually Ate One of These!

The Where-Is-Your-God-Now? Burger from MAKE MOVIES on Vimeo.

My Top 10 List of Things I Can’t Live Without

10. Queso and Margaritas – but only the margaritas with fresh limes, no mix. All the calories already went to the cheese.

9. Gone with the Wind – the BOOK, the MOVIE. Ever since I was around 10 years old and lied to my grandmother and said that it was an appropriate book to read despite what my father said, I have had an obsession. Mind you, I had such guilt I had to tell my Mom over the phone what I had done even though I was at Grandma’s for two weeks. You wish you had a child like me.

8. Barefoot Contessa – BEST COOKBOOKS EVER. There are none better. I am still trying to explain to my long-lost BFFs Ina and Rachel Zoe why they make sense together. I am Gemini. That’s why.

7. List making and crossing off said list. Makes life worth living. And then I get to say how much I have accomplished.

6. Parties – They cure all ills and take people’s minds of things. Even if it is for a couple of ours. And I love being your hostess.

5. Gin & Tonics – Diet tonic with extra limes, please.

4. Junior League – my favorite of all the charities I am involved in.

3. SEC Football – Unless you are playing University of Florida, I am cheering for you.

2. High Heels – The sway of the hips, the added height, they are more feminine, Jimmy Choo, I have mastered standing for hours in them, etc. etc.

1. Champagne – Favorite drink ever. I do not drink Mimosas. Why bother. In fact, we had some tonight. A bottle of champagne will always make you feel better. Last year, over Christmas in Naples, I drank it almost exclusively. Since the floor I was staying on had a bottle open 3/4 of every day. Best vacation ever.

Edited to Add: This is all in good fun. No pretentiousness here.

Holidays – It’s Over


Yes, it is. So excited.

I can move on with my life.

Fashion – Lilly Pulitzer Newport Dress

I tried this dress on at my local Lilly store, Mint Julep.


However, I tried it on in the Multi Amazly pattern.

I have to tell you the picture does not do it justice. It is HOT! FOR REAL! I am 5’9 and this dress is short on me. Not day appropriate except on the weekend with cute flipflops. I prefer it though with my strappy gold sandals and lots of jewelry. Rachel Zoe it up.

This is not your average Lilly. It is sexy and fun. And I think I am going to have to go back and get it.