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Archive for October, 2008

Halloween – YAY! SO EXCITED!

Tomorrow is Halloween! We have house guests coming. One of which is my husband’s college roommate from UF. I love the two guys coming up and just can’t wait to see them. (I wish the single one would marry my sister!)

Anyhoo, for old times sake we are going out to Opera which used to be Eleven50, here in Atlanta. I don’t do the club thing anymore, but going to hear Sasha was always a religious experience back in the day. I had tickets to hear him earlier this year in DC but was still sick with the immune problems and had to cancel.

I have a great costume which I will post next week. It is pink and green, but in a special Halloween way.

Also, making up lots of tasty items to eat. Including tomato soup, pimento cheese and Barefoot Contessa Brownies.

I hope you enjoy the best holiday of the year as much as I plan too!

Events and Travel

It has been very hectic here in the Social house. Mostly due to work but had a unexpected house guest for a week amongst other occurrences.

I did make that short trip to Sand Destin. Where I did nothing but run and cooked dinner one night.

We have been out a bit. One was to JLA Night for Fest of Ale at the Botanical Garden. That was a lovely night. Perfect weather and great beer.

We also attended the Dock Party to support Piedmont Park. That event was ok. Also, the first cold night we had really had.

Getting ready for additional house guests for this weekend from Florida. Everyone’s favorite holiday is Friday, so much is going on.

In the mean time, I am on a strict diet of lettuce and liquid to fit into my Halloween costume. But more on that later. :)

Drinking in Destin … See my Tabblo>

Events – Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is going to be at Jeffrey/Bob Ellis tomorrow for a couple of hours signing shoes.

I won’t be there. One, because I have to work. Two, because the one pair of shoes I bought that are his are the most painful shoes I have ever owned. IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

I love my Jimmy’s and can wear them for hours.

Blog Awards – Kreativ Blogger Award

It has been hectic around here, but one good thing happened. I got an award.

The Preppy Princess has been kind enough to pass on the below award to me!


I am going to share it with six others.

Pretty in Pink Megan – who loves all the same clothes I do.

A. over at Coterie – my blogger BFF.

Southern Sugar – private now, but was one of the first blogs I read.

Blissful Belle – private too, but funny and in JLA with me.

Life In the Cove – Can’t wait for my KJL bracelet and new earrings!

Hello Darling – because I just like her.

Bravo Calling. You Could Be on TV.

I would die to be on Bravo with my long, lost BFF Rachel Zoe. Or my gay boyfriend, Jeff Lewis. But, alas, that is not meant to be.

But you could be on Bravo! Here is your chance below.


I am an associate producer working for the casting director at Bravo. I am researching a project they are developing on a documentary series about a wealthy, extended family living in the same town.

If anyone has any ideas or families to suggest please contact me at:

Stores to Love – Calista Cove

My favorite new online store is Calista Cove and Jennifer’s blog Life in the Cove. I just love all the cute, fun bracelets she offers. Amongst many other items.

Jennifer has been kind enough to offer my readers a special discount.

You will receive 20% off your purchase with checkout code “southernsocial” on all orders over $25 effective Wednesday 10/15 – 10/31. Offer cannot be combined with other checkout code offers.

I have added the Calista Cove link to right in the category Stores to Love for your convenience too.

Happy Shopping!

Travelling Again


I hope this gets rid of some of my stress. Because I just want to eat something deep fried, covered in cheese with a side of hollandaise. With a bottle of wine.

For real.

I do.

But I won’t.

Peer Pressure As an Adult

I have always been one to march to the beat of my own drum. But a couple of years a go I got conned into running by my friends. They said it would make me feel better or something of that nature. :)

Normally, I just run on a treadmill, but now the real pressure has started. I have been talked into running outside. Heaven Forbid! And if that is not all, I am starting to train for half marathons. Oh My!

I am walk/running the Zooma in November. And cross your fingers, running the ING next year.

Let’s just hope I don’t die of a coronary at 30 years old.

Holidays – Are You Having a Holiday Party this Year?


E3 and I have been discussing having a party. First, it was a Halloween party. Now it is a Christmas party. But I am going back and forth. As you know, my last large party got cancelled due to work. And I would LOVE to have a huge Christmas party. But what is really appropriate?

Especially since times are tough. The world over. It’s not like I would be having some kind of black tie ball. But I like to do things a certain way. A decision is going to have to be made because I would want to send invitations. And have better decorations of some kind.

I am in such a quandry about the whole thing. Let alone, what kind of food or alcohol is appropriate.

I feel like a Christmas party should be an easy decision. A Christmas party is held to give cheer and thanks, in my opinion. I should not have to question if it is to over the top, the wrong decision, I should not be spending the money, no one else is giving one, and the list goes on.

Giving parties and fashion are the things my mother would say “You are known for.” Trying to figure out this non-life changing decision is hard. :)

Thoughts? What social gatherings are you planning or not planning for the Holidays?

Weekend Recap – Harvest Midtown

Friday started with an after work social at our condo for E3′s work colleagues. They were drinking a homebrew provided by E3. The Hef was tasty but I was drinking Firefly Vodka and lemonade. Firefly Vodka is OK. It is not all that. But my friend and I decided that we did like it for a BBQ party or something of that vein.

Saturday started with yoga then Harvest Midtown. This event was even better than expected. We had some amazing wines and had some great foods to taste. My favorite was the lamb meatball with tzatziki sauce from Rathbun’s. As I have said, I love wine and went ahead and bought the VIP tickets. Money well spent. Seats inside at the bar of ENO. Croquet and oysters. So fun! Tasted some really special wines and champagne. And made friend’s with bartender/rep and got to take part in the last bottle of champagne of the event. We stayed for the whole event as did most people it seemed. We ended up buying a case of Pinot Noir for 20% off. If you know us, a bottle of this is your Christmas present. I was wearing my purple, halter, maxi dress for fall. Cheap, kept me cool and color-ific for fall. I totally recommend Harvest Midtown and can’t wait to go next year.

After the event, we walked home and I took a nap. Then headed back out to Top Flr to meet my friend J-. I heard a rumor that Top Flr is now the #3 wine bar in the US. Not sure if that is true, but if so, great. And in my neighborhood no less.

Sunday brought golf for E3 and volunteering at Project Open Hand for me. I have to tell you, it is never attractive to brag to your fellow volunteers about how much you volunteer and then are lazy and the slowest one there. Then proceed to tell me after I have congratulated you about how much you volunteer and mentioned to you that you can get national recognition and a letter from the President for that amount of volunteering, that “No, I don’t need any recognition from outside sources. I am here to save the world.” Um, pretentious and obviously in college much.

Anyhoo, off to Chattanooga and Nashville, then Destin at the end of the week. Check out the weekend pictures below.