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Archive for August, 2008



Team Trivia and we all have our expertise

After the LEED class yesterday, I went over to the Local for a drink with E3. The most unpreppy bar on the most unpreppy street (Ponce), across from the most unpreppy establishment (tattoo parlor) ever. Whatever, it fits my super, cheap budget right now.

They had trivia last night night and it has been years since I have played trivia. Like in college was probably the last time I played. E3 named us the Preppy Bandits. So, E3 was getting a lot of the questions right and I was getting a few right. The last question we had to answer before we left (which was unfortunate because we were in second place) was name the country that each of the following models was originally from.

Elle Macpherson

Claudia Schiffer

Giselle Bundchen

Paulina Portsicova (sp?)

For two points a piece.

Since I have had a Vogue subscription since the 6th grade I obviously cleaned up on this question and got all 8 points.

I just wished it had been something more studious to brag about. Like name the last four animals to go extinct or something. Nope, just all superficial and needless knowledge here.

Fay is Making a Visit and Miscellaneous Stuff

* It is totally pouring rain here.

* I have to go pick up plastic laminate later and meet up with an installer to give it to him.

* I have a to-do list a mile long to complete.

* LEED prep class is all day tomorrow.

* Tonight is the first education series class for the Tuesday provisionals. My group is co-hosting the event. Do I have to dress up in school colors too? Even though I am not a provisional. I brought a UF t-shirt and my UF Bonannos to work just in case.

* I have reservation for Restaurant Week tomorrow. Not sure if I am going to go. Being on the CHEAP wagon is easier than I thought it was going to be.

* Reading a book called “Nice Girls Get the Sale”. Very Interesting.

* I want this dress from Tibi. Maybe. For Christmas dinner. I am thinking about it.

* Have had no time to take Preppy Christmas Card picture. Not sure what direction to go with that now.

* Funeral on Saturday was ok. Made lasagna for the friend’s father who died.

Awards – The Funny Kind

As we know, I don’t mess around and I don’t like bullshit.

I laughed so hard at this. So did E3.


Click to enlarge.

Going Out in the Atl – First Night in Since Last Wednesday

I have gone to a dinner or out from last Wednesday to yesterday, Sunday. I am in tonight and cooked chicken casserole for E3. I had salad for lunch and salad for dinner. Wondering if it counts that I ate casserole out of the dish. Because technically it was never on a plate and E3 did not see me eat it.

If a fork falls in the sink and no one hears it, did the clatter really happen?

Cry For Help!

No I am not going into rehab or starting AA or joining a church. A reader has a question. Maybe one of you can help.

Hi there,

Can you help me out with a little investigation? I heard the Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower handbag that SJP carried in the Sex and the City movie is on display at a boutique in Alpharetta.

I know the handbag was on display at Festivity at Peachtree Battle back in Nov 2007. It was then auctioned off for charity (Atlanta Women’s Foundation). The person who won the handbag now has it on display at her boutique in Alpharetta.

That’s all I know! Have you heard anything or have any ideas what boutique that might be?

Does anyone know? I have googled within an inch of my life and can’t find it.

Then here is my question. I am thinking about doing a juice cleanse with Arden’s Garden. Has anyone used their products for a cleanse? I am not buying a juicer to use due to lack of space and it seems as though Arden will do it for me instead.

Recipes to Love – My Big Salad

I get a lot of questions about the big salad that I make and eat all the time. It is just a chopped vegetable salad, but somehow the mix really works and is very tasty. The salad is also user friendly due to buying a few pre-chopped vegetables. The salad will last for approximately 5 days. I eat it at lunch and dinner and it is great with chicken. You will notice there is no cheese, croutons, nuts or seeds in it. Because that would defeat the purpose of the chopped vegetable salad.

1 – large head, green leaf lettuce
1 – tiny head bibb lettuce
1 – tiny head raddiccio
1 – red bell pepper
1 – yellow bell pepper
1 – largish cucumber, skin removed
1 – container precut tomatoes
1 – container sliced mushrooms
1 – bag matchstick carrots
1 – most of 1 large celery
optional – broccoli

I chop the above ingredients rather finely. I dislike salad bars and how large all the ingredients are. Bite size is preferable and easier to eat.

The mix of color and textures makes this salad a winner and never boring to eat.

For dressing I prefer Kraft Fat Free Italian or Fat Free Caesar. I do cheat with Naturally Fresh Lite Peppercorn Ranch sometimes too.

Facebook – What Goes Around Comes Around

I saw this odd group yesterday and emailed my friend K about it.

“What is with the Support So and So X Group” I asked

K responded: “well, I’m not sure, but the rumor (as heard from P) is that she had some sort of run in with the law maybe over drugs or alcohol. Here’s the crazy part. R is now an assistant D.A. for Y county and she might be prosecuting the case. I think it also might have something to do with custody. The reason P thinks all of this is because she got a a facebook message from R saying that she was prosecuting one of our former classmates and if she thought about it she could probably guess who it was. Amazingly, one of So and So X’s good friends was Z who tormented R in high school. talk about revenge…”

And that is why you should teach your children not to be bullies. Especially when little girls in saddle oxfords grow up to be lawyers.

Ultimate Douchebag Songs – Freebird

I got in the car this week and the radio turned on to the local classic rock station. Now I listen to lots of different kinds of music, a huge variety compared to most people, but there is a special spot in my heart for classic rock. I love Cream, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eagles, etc. And most people in the South have drunkenly sang along to Freebird from Lynyrd Skynyrd at one point in their lives. Freebird was the song playing. I think I could hear Freebird 20 times a day if I flipped radio stations enough. And that is not something I want to do.

Anyway, I used to like to hum along to Freebird. I think not so much at this point. Especially after the crappy summer I have had dealing with every version of douchebag who can’t or won’t man up and do their job. And that means you too, crappy, nameless general contractors.

Freebird is on my list now of “Songs that cause me to change the station”. So over douchebags.

Seriously, read the lyrics. Noncommittal, loser, douchebag is the way I read it.

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be travelling on, now,
cause theres too many places Ive got to see.
But, if I stayed here with you, girl,
Things just couldnt be the same.
cause Im as free as a bird now,
And this bird you can not change.
Lord knows, I cant change.

Bye, bye, its been a sweet love.
Though this feeling I cant change.
But please dont take it badly,
cause lord knows Im to blame.
But, if I stayed here with you girl,
Things just couldnt be the same.
Cause Im as free as a bird now,
And this bird youll never change.
And this bird you can not change.
Lord knows, I cant change.
Lord help me, I cant change.

Back on the Healthy Wagon.

I mentioned in my last post that my own personal hell of “Bad Vendor” is almost over. This is true. There was another side effect from the havoc he has wreaked. Me not being able to exercise and healthy food going out the window.

I kept the food thing somewhat together. But yesterday was the worst day ever when it came to food and I am paying for it today. My insides are fighting back and trying to tell me refocus. Because Chick-fil-A (no fries), Diet Dr. Peppers, to many coffees and to many cocktails have done me in.

Everything has been ok the last couple of months healthwise. Immune system seems to be functioning again. But these last couple of weeks have now come to a head.

Yesterday, I was one of the unfortunate people who got to sit on 75S for almost 3 hours due to the overturned dump truck and hazmat being called in. The Diet Dr. Pepper was not a good choice. Then when I finally did get into the office, I finished up some emails and met E3 and a friend out for Happy Hour at Top Flr. I had the bright idea to walk to Vortex on Peachtree where fried cheese was ordered along with a couple of rounds of tequila.

I am not hung over, just dying a bit inside. I see a trip to Willner’s Chemists today. A cleanse and liver fortifying vitamins seem to be the order of the day.

Back to no dairy and raw salad and roast chicken. I just really want to feel better tomorrow.