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Archive for May, 2008

Sex and the City – What are you doing for the premiere?

A couple of months ago, I was not sure how I felt about the Sex and the City movie? I have been so worried that they were not going to do it justice and it would be another TV show ruined as movie. But when I saw the preview and Carrie says to Charlotte’s little girl that “not all fairy tales come true”, I knew I did want to see the movie. And it made me think about who I was then and now.

I was the first of my friends to watch Sex and the City. I introduced it to most of them. I was this wannabe-fashionista who thought I was to cool. I wore old-school, blue suede New Balances, Aberbrombie pants and Vivienne Tam mesh shirts with Prada nylon bags. And when the sales guys at Jeffrey who helped my mom told me how fab I looked it, I thought that was everything.

I taught my friends how to walk in high heels and desperately protected my Fendi baguette (somewhat affordable at the time) from getting beer spilled on it at Buckhead bars.

And I just knew I was leaving and somewhere, somehow I was going to have my own Carrie/Charlotte/Samantha/Miranda experience.

But I did not leave. I met and married a guy who was nothing like any of the guys on the show. But would watch the show with me and hugged me when I cried at the last episode.

And I don’t work in fashion despite planning to my entire life. And that is OK. I work in construction and usually wear pink polos when I walk onto a jobsite. But I still read every fashion magazine and own my fair share of Jimmy’s and Manolo’s.

I think, if anything, the show just proved that life is what you make of it.

For the premiere, a friend of mine is having a huge cocktail party, then going to see the movie, then everyone is going out to dinner. And they are all getting dressed up.

I am going on Saturday with the friend who I taught how to walk in heels. Then we are going for margaritas. It was always our thing over the last 10 years.

And I think that is final thought from the show. Sometimes certain moments are best shared with your girlfriends.

Good-Bye 20s! Hello 30s!

I turn 30 today. I told everyone that May was my birthday month and I was going to celebrate. Despite everything going on with work and my personal life.

In terms of presents, I raked it in. That’s true. (There is stuff I haven’t shown you.) And my friends gave me a wonderful party at Two Urban Licks. It was a nice way to start out a new decade.

My family and my friends really reminded me why I work so hard and do many of the things I do. So check out me and my friends joking around below. (It is hard to see them, so hopefully, they are ok with this.) They were the two ringleaders and I loved my birthday cake from Henri’s.

Untitled from Leslie Rodgers on Vimeo.

Trash TV – The New 90210

I saw the new promo for the new version of 90210. See below.

I will watch for the clothes. (Mostly. Just like my friend who tried to tell her boyfriend that she only watches The Hills for the clothes. Don’t we all.) But here is the key thing about the promo. Notice the actor who is going to play Dixon Mills. He played “Michael” on The Wire. I now have visions of Michael coming into West Beverly and doing bad deeds. And that is just to weird.

It’s like Jennifer Aniston, who will always be Rachel. This guy will always be Michael to me.

Facebook – Groups

I joined Facebook. Not sure if that was a good idea. Since it is another time waster I don’t really need. I will probably get bored with it like everything else.

I now have a couple of friends. All my “friends” have much larger friend groups. I guess I arrived late to the party.

The part that I have found fun is finding the odd groups that have been set up to join. I joined the JLA group and the “You Grew Up in Nashville” group.

But the group I found funny (but did not join) is called “Preppy on the Outside, Gangster on the Inside”. Can’t you just see that as a bumper sticker. I think it would look fab on the back of my Prius (add sarcasm here).

(When I think about this more I have mental images of some girl in a pink polo, f-g someone up.)

Fashion – Not Premiere Worthy

Usually I love everything Sarah Jessica Parker does (or her stylist) and think she can do no wrong.

However, this reminds me of poison ivy. And makes me itch.


Old School Pick of the Week – Kate Bush

I love this song and Kate Bush. Sometimes it is not all fun and games.

Sorry, I have nothing more substantial to say or post.

Just busy.

Random Stuff about Me

To say I have been busy with work would be an understatement. Then for the last 2 months I have been in and out of the dermatologist trying to figure out what the latest thing I am having a reaction to is. That endeavor has not gone well. All anyone can say is that when I had the gallbladder surgery my immune system went crazy and has yet to calm down.

Then last Thursday my face kind of looked like I had, had a stroke or something. Since it looked lopsided. As of yesterday, that seemed to have corrected itself.

My health does seem to be getting better. Hopping up on the wagon and working out every day does have its benefits.

Anyway, below is a picture of the “gift tin” me and my mother put together for my cousin’s college graduation along with the monogrammed perfume bottle I showed you earlier. The tin and everything in it is from Swoozie’s.

Also, there is a picture of me out on Saturday night(wearing some makeup for the first time in 2 months) in my new Elie Tahari dress that I said I would post a picture of.

Other than a whole lot of work, I am looking forward to my birthday party in 2 weeks with most of my friends. I have a great dress to wear and am really excited about seeing my friends.

As long as my face is not bright red and I am in full make-up. :)

Super Cute Tin we put together for my cousin’s college graduation


See my Tabblo>

Now that’s a red carpet show to watch.

The below is from Fashion Week Daily.

E! Entertaining at the Costume Institute Ball
Mary Alice Stephenson & Giuliana Rancic to tackle fashion’s biggest night
Friday, May 02, 2008
(NEW YORK) On Monday, when Hollywood’s crème de la crème invade Manhattan to attend the Costume Institute benefit ball, E! will be there. The cable entertainment channel has green-lit a first-ever special feature documenting fashion’s equivalent of the Oscars. “The E! Met Special,” as its working title goes, will air on May 8 at 8 p.m. and feature red carpet interviews by correspondent Giuliana Rancic with arriving celebrities and their designer dates. What’s more, Mary Alice Stephenson and Bobbie Thomas will offer their commentary on this year’s Superheroes-themed exhibition as the go through the history of the Costume Institute and define why the annual affair put on by the Metropolitan Museum of Art is so relevant to actors and fashion A-listers. The hosts will detail all the extra steps celebrity attendees take to get ready for their big night out, from wardrobe fittings to last-minute hair and makeup touchups, all leading up to the moment the actress steps out of her Town Car. But don’t worry, given that this is E!, there will also be coverage of the night’s best and worst dressed.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Have one for me. And be careful, it’s amateur night.