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Archive for February, 2008

Cocktail Culture – Wine and Whine

This is just something quick. But sometimes staying home is the best.

I was supposed to go out last night with my friend P-. Due to being sick and the surgery, I haven’t gotten anything done. P- was nice enough to come over and watch me cook pot roast and 3 lbs of green beans for E3′s arrival today. (Tonight I am making my famous Macaroni and Cheese.)

We talked about the usual stuff, drank 2 bottles of Pinot Noir.

I was just so excited to see one of my friends. I, literally, had not seen anyone since December. Time flies when your having fun.

P- makes me laugh so hard. I have some stories to tell, but those will have to wait.

The point of all this is that cocktails and multi-tasking can be just as fun as going out. And a lot less money.

Cheers. Have an amazing weekend.

I have to tell you something..,


I know it is not till May 22, but I AM SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED!!!!

My twenties were hard. Like REALLY hard. And I even forgot my birthday last year. Boo!Hoo!

I am turning 30 and it F’ing Rocks!!!! Shit, even though my life is a not piece of cake, it gets better every day.

WooHoo!!! I love birthdays.

Good-bye crappy twenties.

Hello Fan-freaking-tastic Thirties!!!!

Just thought I would share.


And another thing, shopping for my birthday trip is so fun. I got this great Elie Tahari dress for spring yesterday. I have to get hit hemmed. Then I will show it to you. I LOVE IT!!!!

Yeah, for Birthday shopping!!!

(This is more exclamation points than I have used in years.)

Let’s Vote – My Birthday in Las Vegas

I mentioned before I am going to Las Vegas for my 30th Birthday. That’s great and fun, but we are in a hotel dilemma.

First, let me say this will be my 5th trip to Vegas and 2nd trip with E3. I am also a cliche of “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”. My trip with E3 and L- and her ex-boyfriend and then when I got to see N- are both under lock and key. Good times.

Here is the deal. I currently have a reservation at Hard Rock Hotel. It is off the Strip, but I could literally never leave the entire time I am there. But there are issues. I have heard of bad service and sub-par standards. But my birthday is May 22 and I want a Cabana at the pool on Sunday, May 25. Guess how much they want for a cabana Memorial Day Weekend. Just Guess. $300. $750. Nope. $5000. You saw it right. $5000. I called Tao but they are not taking reservations yet either. Probably will be the same price too. In hard times, I (my husband) has an issue with these prices. (I said you want me to push out your kid, I want a dream 30th birthday. Especially since he had one.)

So, we have heard my good friend N- is coming, but we don’t know where she booked yet. And our friends C- and B- might be coming too.

We are thinking of rebooking. Here are the options.

Four Seasons. I can get it for same price as Hard Rock. AND I LOVE THE FOUR SEASONS. I got married there. No qualms about leaving to party.

Wynn. So fab. Great price points. I can get a suite. On the strip. Quieter. (To recover) But I am going to have to leave no matter what to go to Drai’s, so does it really matter?

Red Rock. We have heard great reviews. So chic. Off the strip. Quieter. (To recover) Heard there is a great scene.

All have amazing pools. No Rehab on Sunday like at Hard Rock, but I am wondering if I care unless I have a cabana. Seriously, I don’t like to mingle.

Thoughts. I know you hated the dress I posted, it is really cute in real life though. Feed back on this please.

Stores to Love, DC Version – Sugar

Sugar is a small boutique in Georgetown. We were driving down Wisconsin on our way to Citronelle and I was doing the tourist head-whip to make sure I did not miss anything. And there it was in the window. The Tibi dress I had been coveting for Spring.

I was able to go back the next day and get the dress. The ladies in the store were great and did not hold back with opinions. The store selection included Tibi, Nanette Lepore, Splendid, and accessories. I enjoyed the edited selection and had a great experience. There were several other items I wanted but had some self restraint.

Regarding the dress, I thing it looks like an exotic garden print on it. Not your typical floral pattern. It is a little different than the normal “tea party” dress. I don’t think everyone will like it, but it works for me. If you would like to buy the dress, Saks has it here.

It runs a size big. Unbelievably, that dress is a size 4. I think they tagged them all wrong at the factory.

Outside view of sugar … See my Tabblo>

Kevin Rathbun Won Iron Chef

Kevin Rathbun beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef in the Battle of Elk. Rathbun Steak has been one of my favorite places to eat since it opened (not that I will be eating there anytime soon).

I think that is exciting since so few people beat Bobby on Iron Chef.

Foodnetwork is supposed to re-air the episode on Wednesday, so set your TiVos.

Blogging the Oscar’s Red Carpet – 2008

These are my thoughts as the Red Carpet happened while I watched E!.

Heidi Klum – like the hair, dramatic dress, looks good on her, very “German”

Sara Larson (George Clooney’s GF) – to sparkly and floral, looked like expensive prom

Annne Hathaway – sooo pulled together, redeemed herself from last year, unfortunately I can’t stand Marchesa and that dress looks like the same thing they have done for 3 years. Fab makeup and hair.

Steve Carrell’s wife – safe, won’t make any list

Patrick Dempsey’s wife – boring column dress

Kelly Preston – Roberto Cavalli, hideous color on TV, she seems stoned answering questions (probably just pills), color like bad on her, Botox does a body good

James Macavoy’s GF – HIDEOUS. Bad everything. I hate that electric blue color.

Amy Adams – Green with Veronica Lake hair, Lovely, Proenza Schouler. Ridiculous bag. Veronica Lake is so over used. At least she realizes she has fair skin and did not go Mystic. Looks plain, but pretty.

(Ryan Seacrest is SO ANNOYING. I don’t know if i will be able to finish due to his crap.)

Jennifer Garner – Don’t care for the hair. Great makeup and jewelery. Did not get to say what dress. I think? it is pretty. Lots of detail.

Laura Linney – Michael Kors dress, scary hair, classic, looks like Jackie O.

Gary Busey is groping Jennifer Garner and accosting Ryan Seacrest. Strange. He kissed Jennifer’s neck.

Miley Cyrus – Doesn’t look like a total hooker like she usuall does. No eye liner thankfully. She is 15 after all. Another bright red dress. Valentino. Like the earrings.

So far I am relatively bored. Could possibly use another pain pill.

Keri Russell – My favorite so far, love it all. Great necklace. Why will Ryan not ask who made it?

Catching glimpses of Cameron Diaz. Those long, floppy bangs are not good. Not sure how I feel about the dress.

Helen Mirren – looks great for her age, don’t care for the sparkly, sleeve thing. Still don’t know who made it.

Jessica Alba – Please God, let me look like her in the THIRD TRIMESTER. Another Marchesa. They all look a like. Wonder if Zoe is her stylist too?

Cameron Diaz – Dior. Still don’t like the hair. To casual. Needs more makeup. Everyone will probably disagree with me. She is just so silly. Dress is probably better in real life.

Saw Tilda Swinton – EEEWWWWW!!!!!!

Marion Cot? – Gaultier, looks like fish scales. I don’t like it. Everyone else probably will. At least it is somewhat different.

Tilda Swinton – that is just all kinds of wrong. I know she does her own thing, but SERIOUSLY?!?! Great actress though.

Hilary Swank – Bad hair, black Versace, amazing arms, Indifferent. Looks kind of prom-ish.

Katherine Heigl – another FREAKIN’ Red dress. Suburban hair. Plain.

Ryan seriously cannot get it thru his head to ask “WHO ARE YOU WEARING?”

Glimpse of Calista Flockhart – an absolute NO

Moving on to ABC’s 30 minute red carpet. Maybe they will ask the correct questions.

Shaune Robinson’s teal dress is not good. That fabric shows everything, even if you are thin.

Still don’t like Sara Larson’s dress.

Regis is just as dumb as Ryan.

Getting a better look at Marion’s Gaultier dress. Fits her well. She does look good in it. Wonder what the critic’s will say? Looks like something Nicole Kidman would have picked.

Javier Bardem is kind of hot.

Finally, Jennifer Garner’s dress is…, they still did not say. I knew that hair had to be per Zoe.

Rebecaa Miller’s dress is all kinds of wrong. Thankfully, her husband will make up for it and win an Oscar tonight. That us just gross.

Still don’t like Cameron’s complete look.

Ellen Page – Get a stylist. She is so going to regret that look in year’s to come. I do not like period looks.

I just figured out that Shaun’s dress is a pseudo-Atonement dress. Think about it.

Samantha Harris looks appropriate.

AND…, I’m spent.

Consequences of Having My Gallbladder Removed

Things I am Not Eating
Dairy, which includes my great love Queso
Anything fried
Meat for the time being

Things I am Eating

Steamed Vegetables
A bit of of fish
Basically, no fat

Due to having my gallbladder taken out the Doctor has told me “No Fat” for 2 months. This is because your gallbladder is what helps you digest fat and now the body has to get used to digesting without it. And since my family has a history of health issues at a young age (many instances of cancer around 50 and other issues) I have been put on a low fat, low carb diet. FOR LIFE.

I have been saying for awhile that I needed to be more healthy and deal with stress better. Thus, starting yoga and pilates. And I had been doing better with food. I guess, it was to little to late. The main gallstone was the size of a QUARTER. It is hard because most people would not consider me overweight. I have more weight on me than I would like, but it is not terrible. But I do live a high stress life. The weight has to go and the stress has to get under control.

This is going to be interesting since I am a lover of restaurants, chefs and cooking. But I think it will be weird/interesting since I have to learn a whole new way of life. New recipes and ways of cooking to try than the ones I have used in the past. Looking at bright side I get to choose sushi more and no one can really fight me when we go out.

The situation is also difficult coming from the South and the food that comes with that. I told my Mom and Husband that I was going “SoCal” and would soon be obsessed with fruit smoothies instead of all things High Fat, Fried and covered in cheese.

I guess, I would rather do everything I can NOW to not have Cancer or other issues like the rest of my family. And even though having a gallbladder removed is not as big a deal as having open heart surgery or something of that nature, it has dealt me much larger life ramifications and decisions than I thought I would be making at 29. I am sure Mexican and Queso will be around once in a blue moon, just not in the near future. More like asparagus steamed 3 ways. :)

It’s Wednesday, this week can only get better.

This week as been interesting.

Sunday, I was coming home from Reagan. Unfortunately the Atlanta Airport was shut down due to winds and rains. My flight got in at 9:30 pm instead of 6:30 pm. And my luggage was put on the wrong carousel. That added almost another hour to my wait.

Monday, I got my closets finished out by California Closets. That’s a positive. However I noticed a tire I have been having problems with was getting low in air. I went down to Kauffman Tire where we do all our tire business. Seems as though I needed 4 NEW TIRES. I realize I should have known this already, but let’s just say I had other things on my mind.

I went to sleep on Monday night, slightly sick. I had taken Theraflu and the Nyquil that I have to sign my life a way for. Because you know I have secret Meth lab. :) Around 1:30 am I woke up with what I thought was a cramp. I repositioned and thought it would pass. This cramp proceeded to get worse, and worse, and worse. I called E3 and made him get on WebMD to see if “Cancer” popped up. Cancer did not, but gall stones did. I called my mother. She said that usually people have a gallstone attack and then later have to have treatment. Ok, fine. I decided I would wait till morning to go to a doctor.

At approximately 3:30 am I called my mom again. The pain had become severe. She had to come get me since I could not drive. I could barely stand or walk at this point. She sped on over and off we went to Piedmont Hospital. My sweet, safe Mom ran every red light on Peachtree Road.

Upon arrival at Piedmont, we had to go thru Triage and fill out forms. The hospital had had heavy ER traffic earlier in the evening and there were people who had been waiting for 4-5 hours in the ER waiting area. These were the people who did not actually need ER care. I did not appreciate their yelling and cursing because I was being taken back before them. People do not seem to understand that in the how bad the situation is takes precedence over what time you arrived.

Before I got taken back to the room I had a CAT SCAN. Then we went to a room where the doctor came and I finally got a high dose of pain meds. I needed another one shortly there after. Then I had to have 2 ultra sounds.

All the medical staff thought I had kidney stones to begin with. After the second ultra sound it was determined I had gall stones. One which was large and blocking whatever it is that attaches your gallbladder to wherever in your body. The interesting thing is that I had no symptoms/attacks before that day. Now the pain meds were wearing off and the MDs could not give me anymore for awhile. It was determined that I could not leave the hospital in my condition. The ER Dr. wanted to know if we knew anyone at the hospital we wanted. Of course, Dr. Colquitt. Best surgeon ever. He was with us thru the situation with my Dad.

Dr. Colquitt was available. It was 9 am. He came to see me and fill out the forms. I asked when the surgery would be. I was going in at 10 am. I called E3. He was already packed. He talked to Dr. Colquitt and they were joking how they did not think they would see each other again so soon. E3 drove the 10 hours from Silver Spring to Atlanta with Lola. So thankful for that since I need help doing everything.

I had the surgery and when I was coming to in the recovery room I was hallucinating. But in a good way. I was asking the nurses where the shoe department was. I thought I was in Neiman Marcus.

The hospital does not let you stay overnight for this kind of surgery, so I am home. Very thankful for my Mom, E3, my sister and the always wonderful staff at Piedmont Hospital.

Restaurants to Love – Citronelle, Washington D.C.

I was in the DC/MD area this past weekend. My mother was up to visit her brother too. On Friday we all went to Citronelle. We were lucky to be able to order the Promenade Gourmande with the wine pairings. This meal was amazing and we had the best time together. It was a four hour meal. No one realized four hours had passed till we got up to leave.

The menu is on the website and please see the (not very clear) photos below. Cheers.

First course … See my Tabblo>

Another Thought for Valentine’s Day

Here is a heart warming story to brighten your day.

Dan was a single guy living at home with his father and working in the
family business. When he found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died, he decided he needed a wife with which to share his fortune.
One evening at an investment meeting he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her natural beauty took his breath away.
“I may look like just an ordinary man,” he said to her, “but in just a few
years, my father will die, and I’ll inherit 20 million dollars.”
Impressed, the woman obtained his business card and three days later,
she became his stepmother.

Women are so much better at estate planning than men.