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Archive for May, 2007

New stationary purchase

I got new notecards and thank you’s yesterday at the stationary store over in the Vinings shops. The notecards are super cute from the brand Elum. These letter pressed cards came with six notecards and envelopes, plus small gift tags.

I just think they are great and can’t wait to use them.

On another note, I wanted to use Elum invitations when I got married 2 years ago. But it was very expensive and had to use Crane. I noticed in all the sample books the store had there is a new (to me) line from Crane called Bliss. I looked thru the book and it seems to be knock-offs of Elum and other specialty paper companies. Just a little FYI.

It is the little things in life.

It seems as though any more I shop online. And if I go to the mall or boutiques it is to go help someone else shop and make decisions. So when an online retailer sends merchandise nicely packaged, it really makes my day.

Example: quite some time ago I started ordering from Net-a-porter. The arrival of the nice black box with the black tissue and white ribbons is like Christmas. Then I recycled the box and used it at Christmas. (of course it was wrapped.) I told Julie about it and she ordered a dress just to see if I was telling the truth. She got same delivery at her law office in Manhattan and was giddy with excitement over the whole experience. Those are great days when the black box arrives.

My birthday present from Ed finally arrived today from England. He ordered my items from Agent Provocateur. I will not be sharing what was in the box, but I will share the box.

So pretty. My two favorite colors, too.

Ed buys the nicest surprises.

Cookbooks to Love

I love to cook. I come from a long line of Southern cooks with the one caveat that I grew up a vegetarian. So, pork is not really something that I use or eat to this day. I guess, we have our own version of what is Southern, no?

I learned to cook from my mom and using the Southern Living yearly compilation cookbooks. But I have moved on. There is really nothing I won’t try and the more people to feed the better. But I have tired of the sticks of butter and cups of cream that is regular occurence here in the South (and in Barefoot Contessa). Seriously, it is all I can do to stay a 6-8 in J.Crew.

My latest (for some time) new favorite way of cooking is the “New South” way. Not as heavy, fresh, locally grown food. This is a trend, yes, but I have been on it. Sara Foster is someone I really like. I have her first cookbook, Foster’s Market, and those recipes have been a hit. She is based out of North Carolina and originally worked for Martha Stewart.

I find her food fresh and exciting. The above is the new cookbook that I picked up last week. Have not tried any of the recipes, but they seem easy and for everyday life.

Foster’s Market is somewhere I would really like to visit and wish ATL had somewhere like it.

Books to Love – for fun

My friend Susan got me the above book for my birthday. And I love, love, love it. Ed laughed at it. But like I have said, he still likes industrial music. I just got him into J.Crew plaid for the first time this year not that he was happy about it. He’ll come around. He has too. There is a III at the end of his name and pants covered in critters in his future. Don’t fight the preppy, baby.

Friday Night – But can we walk?

It is Memorial Day weekend and time to have some fun. We have no wedding events to attend or other obligations which is nice. Time to go out!!!

Last night we started at Bazzaar. It is up on the corner of Ponce de Leon and Peachtree, so we can walk. But it is not far, so I can still wear cute shoes. We got there and Micheal Scott, the DJ had still not gone on. Not cool, because the music the site was playing was terrible. We did get a good table downstairs, got a drink and waited and waited for the DJ.

Finally he started to play. Michael Scott has sentimental value to me. He was part of a DJ partnership called SoCo Audio. They were playing at the old Crescent Room the night I met Ed, oh so long ago. Music was good and it has been a long time since I have been out for it.

We always have the same complaint about Bazzaar. The staff is rude. I swear I could be the Tooth Fairy and they would still find away to be obnoxious. I never ask for anything out of the ordinary, we always tip and never make them run around more than necessary (unlike other people I saw there). Please don’t throw the bill on the table and walk away without a word. It just leaves a bad taste. But I still go back because, hell I can walk there.

We left Bazzaar, walked home and waited for our friend to come pick us up and go to MJQ. I LOVE MJQ. I have been going there for years and years never get tired of it. Wednesday or Saturday nights are my preferred nights. Friday night is Urban night. Not really my speed, but Jonathon (our friend) wanted to go. It is ok. I just stand in the back and drink the tall Newcastle’s that the bar sells. Always remember that MJQ is cash only.

We finally left and got a surprise at the car. Someone had thrown a rock thru the back passenger window of Jonathon’s car. They did not steal anything. His laptop and other equipment were still safely in the trunk.

I had a fun night as did Ed. But now I have a lot of errands to do and don’t feel like it.

I had my last 20-something birthday

I am a first born child. I am also the first born grandchild on both sides of the family. My birthday has always been better than Christmas in my bubble world. I would plan 6 months in advance for what to wear, what I wanted, where to eat. My birthday has been an event.

This year, not so much. I actually forgot my birthday till last week. Then I had count to figure out how old I was turning. Yes, 29 is not like turning 21. When I turned 21 I was in full rave/clubkid mode. Times have changed.

My mom did remind me of my birthday awhile back. We go to eat at Henri’s Bakery in Buckhead regularly for lunch. We decided to order my cake there. I told the decorator and the counter girl that I wanted it just like a cake I could see on a shelf in the back. Totally beautiful. Pale pinks and greens with lots of roses for height. It was the prettiest cake made with buttercream icing I had ever seen. No problem, right? WRONG!!!

We went to get the cake on Tuesday. The counter guy brings it up and opens the box for me to check it out. SO HIDEOUS!!! He asked, “Isn’t this what you wanted?” “No”, I responded. “Please give it me so we can pay and go.” My mom and I were starting to laugh. It looked nothing like what I ordered. My mom wondered what we were going to do with it. My response was “Drop acid” because you have to be out of your mind to eat something that technicolor. We laughed about it all the way back to work. As early as last year this kind of a disaster on my birthday would have made me cry. Now I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

Anyway, here it is in all of it’s pink poinsetta-technicolor-not what I ordered glory.

Ed says the flowers are actually hibiscus, but the story is funnier if they are poinsettas.

I did have a lovely birthday with my family at Watershed. My birthday was Tuesday, so I got to be there on fried chicken night. So good. Ed’s fish was excellent. Mom and sister did not care for the okra cakes. Mom’s were not even totally edible. Rather disconcerting when the chef is Scott Peacock.

It was good day (even if I did have to go to the dentist) despite the scary cake.

Dinner Last Night – Taqueria del Sol

I LOVE Mexican food. I am obsessed with Mexican food, to be more accurate. The Good, The Bad, The Very Americanized. I love it all. A margarita, chips with various dips, that is my idea of a great Saturday afternoon. Mexican is also something that I do not make at home that often. Ed likes my skirt steak tacos, but I would rather go out.

And I have tried most of the decent Mexican restaurants in the metro Atlanta area. One of my favorite cheap eats is Taqueria del Sol. There are three locations. Howell Mill Road, Decatur, and the recently converted Cafe Sundown on Cheshire Bridge. It is all good. The tacos, the salsa, the queso, the enchiladas, you can not go wrong. Personally, I like to try the different specials. Each week there is an entree, a taco, and at night a salad. Plus, the regular menu.

This night Ed tried the carnita and mushroom tacos. He said they were excellent and he would definitely order them again. I don’t eat pork, so I ordered off the regular menu. I got two enchiladas. One cheese, one beef. These are not your normal enchiladas that feed a family of four. But I do prefer the lemon cream sauce to a meat sauce, so no calories saved.

I do recommend the sides which include rice, beans and spicy collards. All sides are ala carte, as with the entire menu. Taqueria has a decent margarita and a full tequila and beer menu too.

The thing that always irritates me is the line. At all of the restaurants customers stand in a long line at the front and place their orders. You get your drinks, find a table and someone brings the food. I always feel pressure to hurry up and leave. This is annoying because I ALWAYS want another margarita. A run to the bar is then needed. These issues are a draw back, but I never stay away for long.

Like I said, I am Mexican obsessed and there is probably better. But Taqueria has never let down me and I will definitely go back for more.

Other People’s Weddings – Amelia Island

We went down to Amelia Island this weekend for the wedding of our friend, Aaron and Kristy. Weather was great. Friends were great. Wedding was great.

There was a beachside restaurant that we went to during our stay. They had something fun on the menu that you don’t see everyday. Fried Pickles. They brought a huge basket of them to the table. We liked them, but probably ate only at 4-5 a piece.

The rehearsal dinner was a bbq. I don’t eat pork, but the chicken was amazing. The sides were good too. The bbq caterers were old guys who called me “honey” and wanted to know if I wanted more. Cute.

BBQ Chic

Connie and Brad

The wedding was out at a place called the Ribault Club. Very pretty, but remote. If you ever go make sure you have a designated driver.

You gotta wear shades and have Big Texas Hair

Afterward, a bunch of us went to this dive bar where I really think the patrons had been there for the last 30 years. This is a place were they sold $5.50 pitchers and the smell of Marlboro Reds hung heavy. It was an odd place, but I am always up for a party after the wedding where ever that might be.

No, this wasn’t the Pirates of the Carribbean ride at Disney World.

Let me say that the ride home to Atlanta was brutal.

This is our year of the wedding. One down, 3 more to go. I am happy for all my friends who have found love and look forward to each special day.

Charitable events – Perfect Prom

The other day I went to an event at the Governor’s Mansion. Mrs. Perdue, the governor’s wife, supports chrildren’s charities. One of of those is Perfect Prom. It collects dresses, shoes and other accessories for girls who are in foster care, so they can have a great prom experience. The coordinators also bring in hair and make-up people to help.

My friend Susan and I collected dresses from people we know to take. I got some accessories from my mom.

It was a nice event. Loads of dresses and accessories were brought by the attendees.

The pool behind the Governor’s Mansion.

My friend Susan

Mrs. Perdue giving her talk.

Fun event for a good cause.

Stores to Love – Limetree

Soooo, someone did not get lunch today. But while I was taking a door from a hospital in Spartanburg, SC. to UPS to be delivered to a factory in Michigan, I made a small stop. Limetree over at Peachtree Battle, truly makes me happy. It is like walking into Bob Ellis and knowing you will come out with several pairs of shoes. At Limetree, I can always count on finding something cute. Plus, the staff is nice. They sell stationary, but I would not trust them in that category.

Anyway, I had 2 coupons. One, for 20% for my birthday. One, for 30% for that was in a gift bag from Junior League. I had my Mom with me too. She is also a fan. Anticipation mounting, we walked thru the door. Yeah! fun stuff every where.

My mom and I both have an obsession with pineapples and the theme of hospitality. Lots of pineapple choices were available. I found this large, glass pineapple that had been antiqued. Mom ended up getting it.

The picture below does not do it justice, but it is really nice and looks great in her condo.

I got several items, which can be seen below.

These are from Mariposa. One, is an ice scooper with an alligator handle. (Husband went to UF and is obsessed with all things Gator). The other, a bottle opener, has a pineapple at the end.

A new, pink pineapple hand towel. (What? It is useful.) Super cute.

And finally…,

New Eliza B., pink and green, SKULL AND CROSS BONES EMBROIDERED flip-flops.

To funny. All in all a super cute day.