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Archive for April, 2007

Friday night – ladies, ladies, ladies

So Friday night we went to Vortex for dinner and then to the Laughing Skull Lounge next door for a performance of Dames Aflame. To much fun!

The evening began by meeting Steve and Susan Rusche and walking up. (Walking = Drinking) If you have ever been to the Vortex you know it is rather laid back and all the waitresses dress like Suicide Girls. Ed got the usual Cowboy Burger. I got the fish sandwich with tater tots and a side of queso. Seriously, the tots are the best. The Rusche’s are so good. Steve got a grilled chicken sandwich and Susan got a bison burger with no bun. At least they got fried zucchini on the side. It was all so good.

Steve and Susan Rusche

We then moved on to the highlight of the evening, The Dames Aflame. It is an old-school burlesque show. Plenty of T&A to go around. There is a Master of Ceremonies who makes lots of cheesy and raunchy jokes. We laughed the whole time. Steve yelled “Take your top off” throughout the show. There were a few surprising skits that had the audience either screaming or covering their eyes. We had the best time. I would recommend the show to most who appreciate a good time.

Afterward, we went back into Vortex and continued to party. We were able to meet several of the cast members. And had more gin and tonics. Had a thorough discussion about how important it is for a bartender to put your lime slice on on the side of your glass, so that it can be easily squeezed into your cocktail. Liquor covered fingers are no fun.

Me with one of the curtain girls

Me and “The Giant”

Get your tickets. The Dames perform once a month at the Laughing Skull Lounge.

Dinner last night – Fontaine’s

Well, as many of you know, Ed and I love seafood. Particularly when it is on special at a restaurant that also has corresponding beer specials. Last night we went to Fontaine’s, which we frequent often. It was chosen because of the $4 for 1/2 lb peel and eat shrimp and $2.50 Amstel Lights.

Of course, we got a dozen oysters. LOVE horseradish! Ed then got the shrimp special and I got the linguine with blackened shrimp and scallops. It is so good, but I only ate half and gave the rest to Ed.

I had a bad feeling about the meal when I walked in and saw this new guy was working. He had been assigned to our table the last time we went to Fontaine’s. It was his first day and was probably his first day every being a waiter. The waitress that was assigned to our table last night only checked on us once and Ed had to wave her down to get another drink. The thing that was most irritating about the meal happened this morning when I checked my B of A account. Seems as though I had been charged twice for the meal and neither of the amounts I was charged were actually on the receipt that I have in wallet.

So, I have been trying to get this fixed today. The manager on duty said another manger will have to call me later because they could not even find my valid receipt from last night. Very frustrating. I hope that this situation gets straightened out because I will be sad if I cannot go back there.